What Would I Give?

What would I give to feel her squeeze my hand again? To feel her lips press against mine? To hear her sweet laugh? To look into her beautiful eyes? Or even to just say one last goodbye? The answer young 16 year old Niall Horan is simple, anything. Now three years later does he still mean it? Would he be willing to start all over? Or will her give up? Love always comes with a price. People say they would do anything for the ones they love. Do they really mean it though?


7. A Little House on the Beach

Fay's Prospective:


"Here we are." Niall says. He pulls up to a small beach house. It's beautiful.

"Ni, I love it!" I say. I look over to see him smiling at me.

"I'm glad you like it," he says giving me a kiss. "Because it's ours."

"What?" I ask completely confused. There is no way he could afford this!

"Yeah, I know right. I didn't believe it at first either, but it's ours." he says smiling.

"How?" I ask. I'm in so much shock that I don't think I can say anything more then one word answers.

"The guys, well mostly Rosy. Ever since she got that art deal on those pictures she took of us she's been thinking of a way of thanking us. I guess this is how she choose to do it." he says. He still sounds amazed.

"She is amazing." I whisper.

"Yeah. Lets not stay out here though! Lets go in." he says. He gets out of the car and runs to open my door. Then he grebs my hand and pulls me into the little house. "Go sit down, look around. I'm gonna go get the bags." he says and kisses me on the cheek.

I nod my head and walk around the little place, It's beautiful. There is a kitchen, bathroom, bed room, and a porch. It's ovyus that Rosy decorated it. She knows us so well, better then we know ourselves at time. I walk into the last little room and start laughing. It's a nursery. Half of it's pink and half of it's blue. It has two little cribs and dressers. "Oh my god Rosy." I whisper.

"What was that Fay?" Niall asks coming towards me.

"Look what Rosy did." I say a smirk on my face.

"Oh my god." he says.

"Yeah." I nod my head.

"She does realize we are only 16 right?" he asks shaking his head.

"I really don't know anymore." I reply.

"How about we go swimming? I need to clear my head." Niall says shaking his head. His blond hair wiping from side to side.

"Alright love." I say and kiss his cheek. I pull out my white with pink flowers bikini and go to the bathroom and put it on. When I'm done I come out and smile seeing a shirtless Niall laying down on the bed with his eyes closed. I run and jump on top of him.

"Fay." he grounds.

"What?" I ask.

"I don't wanna swim." he says.

"But I thought you wanted to clear your head?" I ask.

"It's late and the water will be cold. Pulse, there are other ways to clear your head." he says a cheeky grin of his face. He kisses me and turns us over so he's on top of me. "Is that okay with you?"

"Mmmmm. Okay, sounds good to me. We can swim in the morning." I say and kiss him again.


Let's just say that it was a very VERY happy start to a great week.



Hope you guys liked it!

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