My best friend

This is my story about my dog Ziggy. In it I tell about how I got him and how I lost him.


1. Ziggy

One day I finally decided I wanted a pet, a dog, and the dog I wanted had to be small and cute. Me and my mom were on the computer one day and looking at dogs and we were going to different websites looking at dogs. I didn't like any of them so after many visits to different stores and houses we finally went out of town to a little city to a little house with to many dogs. When we arrived all the dogs came running at the door but one little dog stayed behind, a golden haired Pomeranian chihuahua, in its cage I pointed to it and said what about that one? The lady selling the dogs said "nobody picks him he's to quite" "we have a lot of other small dogs you might like?" 
I said "no, I like that one"
So after picked him up I could feel I liked me already and I already liked him. On the way back he was whining In his cage I asked my mom if I could get him out. After a while of talking she said yes and he jumped out and into my lap and fell asleep. When we got back he opened his eyes and yawned and made a soft sound that made me smile because it was so cute. I took him inside and put him down to walk around the house but he just kept going were ever I went. When I was going to bed he used his nose to push on the door to open it big enough for him to get through. He jumped around on top of me I laughed and he licked me , I said to him "what are we going to call you?" 
He gave me a look and I just knew the name had to be Ziggy the name I will never forget. The next day I told all my friends about him it was the 2nd month of 4th grade and it was really hard because I didn't have many friends and those ones didn't seem to want to be seen with me so I never really did anything at school. That day of school was the longest day of my life I just wanted to get home to Ziggy. After I got home he was outside running around the neighborhood. Somebody let him out and didn't know it. I took off running for him as fast as I could. He was taking a right down the street so I went through a hard to cut him off. After I jumped in front of him he jumped up and pushed me off and licked my face and rolled around, he was my best friend. A few months had past since the day I had him and this is one of the days I will never forget. After school I came home and was really excited to play with Ziggy but when I got home he wasn't in the front yard waiting, so I decided to go check the back yard, still not there so I thought maybe he's just inside. I was wrong. He wasn't inside he wasn't in my room or any room. I spent 5 hours that day in the cold snow and the wind that chilled me to the bone. Searched town by my self, no one knew were I was. I didn't think about it all I wanted was my dog to be safe and alive. The next two days was one of the most depressing days of my life I cried for 2 hours each day wondering if he ever came back until the third day I get of the bus and see him waiting there. I ran off the bus and I started crying because I missed him and I just held him as I ran home and just eyes were full with tears of joy as I ran home telling my parents where I found him. They couldn't believe it! I got Ziggy a new collar with an address and a telephone number In case anybody found him. Few months after that I figured out that me and Ziggy could race but this day I noticed that I was winning the race I was so happy because I could never out run him. I tired it once more that next day to make sure that he wasn't just tired but no I was actually winning I was running faster than my dog! When he decked to try to chase after other dogs I just had to go after him and grab him before he got himself to hurt he was a small dog with balls of steel. But he soon later got those removed. I don't remember a day that Ziggy didn't sleep in my room at night weather I was home or not. 5th grade was the most terrifying year of my life. I had a terrible math teacher who yelled at me all the time and made me cry in class because I couldn't take her anymore ,but matter what happened Ziggy always was there for me. Not once did he show he was angry by biting me he would always just nibble on my fingers of bite my nose playfully. All through 5th grade he was always there after a long day. I wish He could have really talked. There was no one as good as Ziggy. By the end of 5th grade I passes with B's and C's not bad could be worse. But if I didn't have Ziggy they probably would have. 6th grade by this grade I had lots of friends and they all loved Ziggy because everyone always wanted to hang out with me but mostly Ziggy. 6th grade was like 5th grade but better teachers and less homework, But the same as always going home and playing with Ziggy and falling asleep with him. My mom was pregnant and I knew she was having a baby soon so we had to move. We decided to rent a house on the outskirts of town with a big yard no close by neighbors, balcony, and plenty of room to play. I was concerned about Ziggy running away or getting lost. The day we finished moving I'm my mom gave birth that night. I went and saw her and my new little baby sister Avery. I feel I'm love with Avery she had to be in the hospital for most of her first month she was born because she had a breathing problem and was on an airmask were you have tubes in your nose. I was really scared I was going to lose her. She came home with tanks of air and I asked my parents "is she always going to be like that?" 

They said "no" 
she just need to learn to breath Better. After a few months she was ok and it was my 12th birthday In January. And we had a party and of course everyone liked Ziggy but he wanted me to hold him so while everyone fell asleep me and Ziggy watched movies and played around till we both passed out. 1/21/11 .. I went to school that day and had a good day but that was about to change big time. I got home and played with Ziggy but I wanted to get on Xbox to play with my friends but Ziggy wanted to play but I ignored him so he started barking. I put him out side. in the middle of the game I had a very weird feeling but I ignored it. Later that night I went outside and called for Ziggy no answer I waited by the door for 5 minutes calling his name never showed up then that feeling again. Ignored it once more but I could feel Ziggy was gone I cried for hours that night and went to school the next day and I told my friends that Ziggy was dead and started crying but I didn't know for sure if he was but I could feel it in my heart and brain he was for gone. I went home and searched the yard and the neighbors house. Addie my lil sister came running yelling "Hey! Hey! We found Ziggy!" 
The biggest smile in the world I had on my face I was so happy he wasn't dead he wasn't dead! I ran to see where they found him. As soon as I turned the corner, there he was laying on the ground dead. My body and soul died I cried and couldn't stop crying for hours I laid by his Side crying screaming in pain! He had been killed mauled by the neighbors dog.. I yelled in pain! "This is my fault! Take me!" I cried in pain! The sleep I did get was pain! It was hell! I was never warm. The first thing I did was take a blade and cut my hand. That was the first time In my life I cut. And it wasn't the last. I started drinking to get rid of the pain but it was to hard to get rid of the pain. So I tired pills. Those didn't help either but It was easier to hide from my parents and family so I just took my pain pills everyday they wondered why we always ran out it was because of me and my dad. I saw him taking alot of pills when he was drinking so I thought I could do it so I took the pills. Life was fucking hell and went down hill from then on. I got bag grades. I lost most my friends. No one liked me without my dog I need my dog he gave me love and people liked me. I was afraid of failing 6th grade because I got an F. And D's and C'd I haven't gotten an A ever since. 
3/18/13 not a day goes by that I don't remember him. I see visions of him and memories play again and again. I've cried countless times while writing this and it's all 100% true. I'm a better person now I don't drink or pop pills anymore. It's hard to explain how I felt the day he died and everyday since then I'm not the same person I was. But I do have someone I love who makes me feel the same as when I was with Ziggy. I love her she is mine and we've been thorough alot I love her. I love My family. I love you Ziggy.


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