He Will Pay

Leah's crush is the most popular guy in school.
One night while drunk he hit leah with a truck.
What does it mean if she is seen in a restaurant a week after
The accident?


2. Back To School

"Lee Lee, we're leaving soon!" Dad called up the stairs, "coming!" I answered. We usually leave for school around 8:00 and I would get there at 8:10 because we practically live around the corner.

I grabbed my bag and went outside to wait at the car. "Leah, are you out yet?" Mum called as she started to lock the door ( I could hear the keys jingling in her hand). "Yep, I'm at the car" I said. 

The car ride was short as we live so close to school. I saw my friends at the gate as I got out of the car. I waved bye to Mum and Dad as they drove off to work, they are the managers of a huge buisness.

As I came closer to my friends the weird but funny kid jumped at me wearing a cannibal mask, "Rahh!!! hello Leah" he said, "yeah hi mike," ( i forgot to mention his name was mike) I said with a scared-to-death face. "I think Johnny is at the gate with the others," he told me " nah thats not truuuu...." I said as I looked at my group of friends with the Johnny Kendle amongst them. " I'll see you later mike," i said waving him off, "see ya" he answered and I walked over to the rest of my friends.

"Hey guys, watcha talkin' 'bout?" I asked them, the group included me, Stacie, Chloe, Beca, Aubrie and Amy. We are all really good friends and get along well.

They told me about Johnny's reason for finally noticing us and I was really happy because the reason he came is to ask a special some-one out to the dance! We all chatted and mingled for a bit until the bell went for class, Oh Hooray history first up, my LEAST favourite subject in the whole world but at least it only goes for 30 minutes.

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