Empyr: The Waking

A world where there is no music, everybody obeys the rules. Evelyn doesn't know if she is the only person having her own small and invisible rebellion or if everybody does it. Why? because who do you trust in a dying world.


1. A History of the World (from 2014 A.D.)

I sprinted behind a pile of rubble hoping that I hadn't been seen. There were three more piles between me and my safe house. Three dashes in which I easily could be shot. Three dashes that had steadily become more dangerous. Best not to think about the Enforcers looking for traitors. Best not to think about the laser guns that they carry. Best not to think about any of the numerous places that they could shoot you. Too late. Time to run.

I waited till they were all looking away from where I was crouched then sprinted to the next pile. Then the next. After that I was safe. I was so relieved. I swear that it gets harder to get there every time but anyway. I walked through my hall of fame (all the old singers, they had all been executed but who cares? I still listened to their music secretly) I opened the door using the secret button hidden behind Niall's face on a picture of One Direction (executed 2014 A.D.) The first deaths of the new order.

I should probably tell you a bit about the world that I live in, a bit about the way that we have no control over our lives. The way that the Empyr rules us. So that's what the rest of this chapters about:


I've heard that before the Empyr there was music, that there were wars but also singers and colour, people could speak up without being killed. That people were paid to work and spent that money on food of their own choice. Beef and lamb but also pork and cake and even sugar. Not that we get them now days. In 2014 A.D. a group of rebels formed. People who wanted a world filled with identical people, a world entirely under their control and that's what they got. They only won the war because they had a brilliant scientist for a leader. A scientist who could make every man count as one thousand. A scientist who could make man self healing, who could make pain take moments to vanish entirely, a removed head would grow back in seconds. He took over the world, made himself immortal and removed the painlessness of his subjects to give himself more power. Then he crushed a rebellion containing every single singer and killed every last member. That was all accomplished in 2014. In 2015 he took every single human, dressed them all in grey, sent them to his working cities which basically had housing. Grey, no colour permitted. A feeding area where the menu went:

Breakfast: one slice of bread with butter; one glass of milk


Lunch: One slice of lamb on bread; one glass of water


Supper: One bowl of vegetable soup; one glass of water


Everybody ate that every single day. In the third city sector there were buildings dedicated to different tasks. Engineers buildings, Science buildings... One spent all of ones time helping the Empyr. Children went to school in the third sector as well. Farmers had a railroad taking them out to the farms where they farmed till the end of the day (they were brought lunch) but they were the only exceptions. 


Things, however, only got worse when the Empyr decided to destroy all areas of the countryside in 2017 leaving only rubble behind. The only place that you could now see grass was in the farms and the only people that got to see the farms were the farmers and their children, children followed their parents in trade. So you see the problem. If you are an orphan, like me, there are no orphanages, no, you go onto the streets because you have no parents whose trade to follow. Unfortunately, if you are an orphan, you are the enemy of the state. If you are an enemy of the state then the Enforcers have orders to shoot to kill.

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