Your Lesson, My Test

Roxy is your typical girl. She has great friends, a loving family and decent grades. When her grades start slipping because of a certain teacher, will her little crush get her in deeper that she expected?


4. Well That Was Eventful...

   The rest of the school day was soooo boring! Omg I was about to crack it if Mr Draut didn't shut up!


   "Sam, are you working today?" I asked grabbing my work uniform from my locker.

   "Yeah and I think Hailey is as well." He replied doing the same.


~5 minutes later~ 


After Hailey finally got her stuff from her locker we started walking to Sydney and Poppy's  (Hailey's younger sister) school. When we get to the gate I see Poppy with a horrified look holding something. "Pop, what's wrong?" Hailey asked crouching down next to her sister. 

   "They broke BooBoo." She cried, pointing to a group of boys crowded around something. 

   Sam followed me over to the boys. "Excuse me?" I asked, but they seemed to not be listening. 

   "EXCUSE ME!?" I yelled. They all turned towards me. 

   "Yeah? What?" The 'leader' of the group said.

   "Did you break this girls toy?" I asked.

   "Yeah. So?" He replied.

   "I think you should apologize." I said crossing my arms.

   "Make me." He replied in a cocky voice. Just before I was about to reply I heard my sister's voice coming from this inside of the circle.

   "Roxy?" Her faint voice said. I pushed the boys aside and saw my little sister's body all bruised and beaten.

   "Who. Did. This?" I asked through gritted teeth. She lifted her weak hand and pointed to the boys.

   "HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO AN INNOCENT PREP! YOU'RE IN GRADE 6! YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS IS WRONG!" I screamed at them. Before I could do anything I would regret I picked up Syd and started to walk home. 

   "Rox! Wait up!" Sam yelled carrying Poppy in his arms. When they caught up Poppy was still in tears nuzzling her head into Sam's chest. 

   "Who do they think they are? Picking on helpless preps!" I said to Hailey when we were close to my house. 

    "It's just disgusting!" She replied taking Poopy from Sam and giving her a big hug.

   We dropped both of our sisters off and continued walking to work.


~At Work~


   Our boss, Carmel, assigned us to different parts of the supermarket. "Roxy, you're on register duty. Sam and Hailey, you're stacking shelves." I walked over to one of the free registers and started serving customers.


   It's 6: 00 pm and I am almost  finished my shift when someone started piling groceries onto the conveyer belt thing. "Hi, welcome to Aldi." I said half awake.

   "Hey." A deep male voice said from the other side of the register.

   "So.. How's your day been?" I asked paying attention now.  

   "Yeah alright and yours?" He replied politely. 

   "Yeah good." We started talking a bit more and exchanged numbers. 

   "Well I gotta go.. Hopefully we can hang out sometime." He said grabbing the bags of food.

   "Yeah me too." I replied smiling. 


   After my shift was finished I met Sam and Hailey outside and we made our way back to my house.


A/N: Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you that I will be updating depending on what you guys think, so if you want more tell me and I will update! Anyways.. Bye :)

~Emily :D





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