Your Lesson, My Test

Roxy is your typical girl. She has great friends, a loving family and decent grades. When her grades start slipping because of a certain teacher, will her little crush get her in deeper that she expected?


2. Science Is Fun...

   Hailey, Sam and I slowly made our way to homeroom and when we got there Tara and her pack of (excuse my French) sluts were already there.

   "*Cough* Slut *Cough*" Hailey and I whispered as we walked past them. 

   "What did you just say?" Tara asked and her mindless followers copied her offended look. 

   "At least she knows her name.." I muttered under my breath to Hailey.

   "Nothing.." I replied innocently. Tara just gave me a dirty look and continued talking, probably about who she hooked up with on the weekend.

   We all scrambled into our seats once we saw our teacher, Mrs Newmann, walk into the room. "Ok class, can I please get a volunteer to read the bulletin?" She asked, receiving a few groans from the class.   

   "Come on guys it's either you volunteer or I choose." She said with a smug look.

   "Roxy will!" Tara said giving me one of her bitchy looks. 

   "Thank you for volunteering Tara!" Mrs Newmann replied handing her the bulletin. HAHAH! You should have seen her face, priceless! Once all the announcements were read out the bell went. Sam and I said goodbye to Hailey and set off for science.

   "Sam I'm freaking out! I can't do presentations! I need to puke!" I said slapping his arm. 

   "First of all OUCH and second don't worry about it, just think that it's a comp then you'll be great!" He replied nudging my arm.

   When we walked into the lab Mr Ives had a  powerpoint set up with the order of the presentations. Shit! Crap! WHY?! Why did we have to be first!? "Remember, it's just like a comp.." Sam whispered to me as we took our spots at the front of the room. I took a few deep breathes and started saying my parts.

   "Thank you Roxy and Sam for such and informative presentation about Natural Disasters. Now, John and Kelly you're up." Mr Ives said as we took our seats. 

   "Nice experiment you did there, where did you learn it from? You little sister? HA I can do WAYYYY better!" Tara said spinning around so that she was facing us. 

   "HA! The only experiment that you do is seeing how many dicks you can fit in your mouth at once!" I replied kicking her chair. I know it may seem childish of me but hey she deserved it! If you haven't noticed Tara and I don't really get a long that well.  

~After Science~

   While I was packing up my things I felt my phone vibrate. I unlocked the screen and saw I had a text from Hailey.

Hey how did the presentation go?

-Hails xx

Yeah alright.. I was shitting myself :/

-Rox xx

   "Hurry up Rox!" Sam yelled out from the corridor. I locked my phone and ran to catch up with him.

   Once we got to our lockers I saw my brother, Blake leaning against mine. "Mum gave me your lunch.." He said while holding my books (Blake is in year 12 so he is 1 year older than me).

   "Just give me 5 seconds.." I replied, entering my locker combo. 

   "Thanks.." He said while giving me a quick hug. Yes my brother hugs me in public. What of it?

   "Come on." I said, linking arms with Sam and Hailey while we walked out for recess. 

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