Your Lesson, My Test

Roxy is your typical girl. She has great friends, a loving family and decent grades. When her grades start slipping because of a certain teacher, will her little crush get her in deeper that she expected?


1. Just The Ususal

   Hey my name is Roxy Johnson! I am 16 years old and in year 11 at  Bay View High. I have 2 amazing best friends, Hailey and  Sam, who I have known my whole life. I have reasonable grades due to the amount of sport I do. Well now you know a bit about me I guess I should start with the rest of my life.

   "WAKE UP NOW!!! YOU KNOW I WON'T GO AWAY UNTIL YOU GET UP!!!" My friend, Hailey's voice sounded from my alarm. I roll over and check the time. 6:00. Great! (Note my sarcasm). I decide to not be the lazy ass that I usually am and actually get ready for training. I know what you are thinking 'Why the hell is this chick getting up at 6 o'clock in the morning to go to training?' Well I have to go because there is a big surf comp coming up soon and it might send me to nationals! So, yeah, there is my reason, deal with it. I slip into my bathers, run upstairs and eat breakfast then grab my bags and hop into my sister's car. "So you excited for the comp?" Cassie (My oldest sister) asked turning the corner.

   "I will be when the day comes, right now all I am excited about is sleep." I replied resting my forehead on the window. Once we get to the gym I sprint inside and meet my coach.

   "Woah! Roxy? I have never seen you here this early!" Brett (My coach) said in amazement.  

   "Yeah, just don't get used to it.." I said, placing my stuff on a bench. "Ok, let's get started.."

~After Training~

   Arughhhh! I wish Sam hadn't quit, I miss having someone to talk to, other than Brett. Anyway after having a shower I get into my school uniform and walk downstairs. "Roxy! Remember that you have to pick up Sydney up after school"

   "OK!" I yell back while walking out the door. God! I can't wait until Sydney is old enough to walk home by herself!

   "ROXYYYYYYY!!!!" I hear my little sister's voice yell from behind me.

   "What is it now Sydney?" I asked in an annoyed tone.

   "Mum said you have to take me to school." She replied grabbing my hand. I let out a long sigh and start walking towards her primary school. 

   "Syd remember stay in the playground until I come and get you. Ok?" I instructed as we entered her school's gates.

   "Ok! Bye!" She said letting go of my hand and running to her friends. As I exit the gates I see Hailey rounding the corner.

   "HAILEY!!!" I scream. Her head shoots up and when she sees me she runs to catch up.

   "Hey!" She says embracing me in a hug which I return.

   "What do you have first?" I ask when we are a couple of meters away from the school.

   "Maths. You?"


   "Ha Ha Ha! You have Mr. Ives! Good luck with that!" She said in a smug tine.

   "Yeah but you have Mrs. O'Leery, she's much worse!" I reply in an even smugger tone.


   Once we get to our lockers we dump our bags and search for Sam. We finally find him on the oval talking to some of his mates. Hailey and I look at each other and both agree on what we have to do. "SAMUEL!!!" We scream while tackling him to the ground. 

   "What the? Oh hey girls." He replies once we finally get off of him. 

   "Sam please say that you brought the science assignment.." I say, praying that he remembered to bring it. 

   "Yeah it's in my bag." He replied patting the top of his bag. I let out a small sigh of relief. We hear the bell so we set off to homeroom.


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