Styles' girl

Hi guys! So this will officially be one of my last Harry fics because I've written a lot of Harry stuff.. This is much more different to my other books because it's a love/hate one! If you see the same story, don't hate on me because I made this up.

Hannah Skye Love is an ordinary directioner who is in love with all the boys except Harry Edward Styles because she thinks he is a bad influence. What happens when they meet. Harry falls for Hannah but does Hannah ever fall for Harry?
Find out in ' Styles' girl'....


4. Ruined My Chances


-Harry's P.O.V -


Why did I have to say that out loud?! I'm so dumb! I just ruined my chances with Hannah....


Why did I have to do that?! But then again, she did lean in first.... I don't know if she liked the kiss or not!


"Hannah, look. Please can we pretend this never happened?" I asked, grabbing her arm before she could run away.

"Yes. It's not like I want to remember 'it'. And doing this isn't going to make me like you more, you know that right?" Hannah agreed while trying to shake my hand off her wrist.

"Ok, fine... I know that, I wasn't trying to change your mind. And by the way, did you know that you are the most stubborn person I've ever met?" I still had a tough grip on her.

"I've been told that. Great, now let go of me!" With that, she twisted my arm and bolted out the front doors, running as fast as she could. I could see her arm come up to her face. Was she crying? She was but why? Was it because I was such a terrible person to her? Could it possibly be because it was too hard to walk away from me? 


My head told me to stay put because if I ran after her, it'd just make matters worse but my heart told me to run after her and win her heart. I always usually went with my heart but this time, I had decided to go with my head because it was a safer option. But I wasn't letting her run away from me forever so I ran onto the stage of the arena and interrupted Zayn and Louis while they were singing but hey, it was for the best! 


"Guys, stop! Something kind of happened between Hannah and me then she ran away but  I don't want to run after her. I'd only make things worse than they already are. Can you girls go out and talk to her for me please?... And tell her that I love her and I'm sorry for reacting badly when I knew how she felt about me!" Bella and Alianah had already bolted out the door by the time I finished speaking so I doubt that they heard the last and most important part.


"What happened?" Zayn asked.

"Yeah, don't make me tickle it out of you. We're your best mates and we're here to hep" Louis threatened.

"Look, even if you tickle me I won't budge. It's really private and if Hannah knew I told you then she would be really mad at me. But I can tell you one thing: I love her" I whispered the three words to myself but it was loud enough for the boys to hear.

"Ok we won't tickle it out of you but what do you 'love' about her?" Louis replied, putting quotations marks when he said the word love.

"Well, I love the way she smiles and how she instantly feels bad after she's hurt someone. I like how she isn't too fangirl over me but she is totally fangirl over you two and the others. I love how her dimples show whenever she smiles... It's adorable! I love her long brown hair that goes down pas her shoulders and her brown eyes are the brightest and prettiest I've ever seen. She's my dream girl!" I explained.

"Nice! Anything else? Because I think you missed one thing: Don't you always like a girl with a good ass?" Zayn joked.

"No! Every girl has a nice butt, Zayn! But... there is one more thing: I love her so much! I love that she can steal someone's heart within minutes. I love everything about her and I'm not letting Hannah slip this easily. If this is a dream, then I don't want to wake up! If the only way I can be with her is in my dreams then I want to sleep forever!" I was going in a daze, dreaming about being with the girl of my dreams.

"Oh Hazza, aren't you cheesy? I'm glad I'm not like you" Louis joked just like Zayn did.

"Oh yeah. It's not like Bella and Alianah are any better! If they are, tell me about it" I challenged, pretty sure that Hannah would always win in my heart. 

"Well, Bella is MY dream girl, boys! She is sweet and spontaneous. At first she started freaking out but she settled down and was really good around us. We acted like we knew each other for years and she could make me laugh. Her sense of humor is something special. Bella reminds me of Eleanor and I still have some feelings for El but I'm 100% sure my heart belongs to Bels. That's where the bad news comes in: She said that she is Eleanor's cousin and that they're the closest cousins in the family. That means at some point if we start dating, then I will have to face Eleanor but if it's for Bella then I'm up for it!" Louis went on about how perfect Bella was and that she was flawless.

"Ok. What about you, Zayn? Got a scoop on Alianah. She seems nice as well" I asked Zayn.

"Uhm well Alianah is just like Perrie. I'm still dating her and I still have feelings for Perrie so I'm not breaking up with her! But I know she will understand if we slowly become distant and confirm to each other that we're just friends. We were both nervous around each other but we still talked. Alianah is a total sweetheart and she is beautiful. She told me that she has a mixed nationality: British/ Australian- Singaporean. A lovely mix. Her shyness makes her so cute and she doesn't have dimples like Hannah but the way her eyes brighten as she smiles makes her smile, perfect!" I could tell that Zayn felt really bad about not being able to date Alianah but at the same time, I could tell that Zayn was still in love with Perrie Edwards.


I wonder how Hannah felt about me. It was obvious that the girls liked Louis and Zayn but it was so hard to read Hannah. That was another similarity: people found it really hard to read our emotions.  All of a sudden, Bels and Ali stepped back in without Hannah locked between their arms so she couldn't run away once she realized I was here. Ok I sort of planned it all out but I knew that they were too good of friends to do that to Hannah!


Hannah's P.O.V

After I told Harry to let go of me in a rude tone, I instantly regretted being such a stubborn person towards him. If my mother was there, she would slap me silly and hard until my face was pale and remind me to be nice and use my manners. I just had to let hatred get the best of me. I understand that I had provided reasons as to why I hated THE Harry Styles but at the same time, I wonder why I actually hate him. He's a sweet person and a lot of the articles I read on the internet or in magazines were just fake! 


This was my list of reasons as to why I hated Harry. But I had also just added a note next to it:


He dates older women (up to 44 years old!) 

- Well, age is just a number. As long as you know you love that person and you're happy with them, then go for it!

Harry is too much of a flirt which is bad..

- I actually found his flirtatious attitude quite interesting and attractive. He was not the womanizer or man- whore people described him to be! He was sweet and romantic yet I was a total b***h towards him! I was rude and angry. It was as if all the manners my parents had taught me were thrown out the window whenever I was with him!

THE Taylor Swift was dumped by Harry! (rude or what?!)

- No one actually knew whether Harry dumped Taylor or Taylor dumped Harry. I was a big Swifty before their relationship but I guess after the 'Haylor' romance, I guess she changed and I didn't really listen to her music anymore. I think the break- up was just an excuse to hate Harry but I had a really bad feeling of regret in my stomach whenever Harry complimented me or even talked to me! You see, I never supported Haylor and everyday I would sign into twitter and insult Harry as well as compliment Taylor and warn her about Harry's ways. 


My tweets would be like:

@Hannah.&.4/5.of.1D: I hate the idea of Haylor 100% Harry is no good for Taylor! He's such a flirt and womanizer!

@Hannah.&.4/5.of.1D: Harry Styles with Taylor Swift? I don't think so! #HarryisbadforTaylor! #Go,stuffyourlifewithastripper,Harry!


I didn't know his side to the stories. I just believed everything I read and that was bad for me. When I thought about it, I felt so vulnerable that I believed everything I read and everything people said. If there was that slight chance that I was with Harry, then I wouldn't have been able to cope with the hate. I was a weak person on the inside, emotionally although physically and mentally, you would've had to admit that I was pretty strong (for a girl). I felt so bad that my love- sick emotions and thoughts had taken over me. Or were they true emotions? Was I really feeling what I was feeling? I just wanted to be in Harry's arms and cry into the crook of his neck, apologising for having such a negative and cold attitude towards him. It was almost as if I could sense something that would occur in the future. But I ignored the feeling because it was an urge that was telling me that I'd spend the rest of my life with Harry. He couldn't possibly ever forgive me for giving him the cold- shoulder since the start when I barely even knew him! It just really wasn't fair for him! He was probably devastated because I said I hated him and that I loved the rest of the band. I did not deserve to even meet him in the first place! Millions of fan would've killed to meet the  Harry Styles whereas I messed up. I had to admit, I liked Harry but I didn't love him or so I thought. I mean, in no way did I hate him at all. I just... Well, my feelings were so messed up. 


I was just about to get in the car and continue with my sobbing until the girls were finished like I planned when I noticed two figured sprinting towards me. Bels and..... Ali? What were they doing? I thought they were busy being love- sick puppies with Zayn and Louis. But I guess that had changed. 


"Hannah! What happened between you and Harry? We don't wanna push you but I thought you were mad about Harry!" Alianah breathed out just as they came to a stop in front of me.

"I really don't know. I'm just a horrible person, okay? Can I get in the car and cry my emotions out now?" I admitted.

"'No, you don't! We're not pushing you to tell us now but you will tell us what happened at some point. We just wanna know if you actually like Harry or not. Come on we know you are a big time directioner" Bella had always been a great person with advice about love. She was my go-to person.

"I am a big directioner, definitely and that will never change. I guess it's just that... I don't know! I am clueless about my feelings about Harry! I don't know if there's anything going on between us! Whether we're friends, more than friends or less. I must be the most confused person in this world right now. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to get in the car and cry out my emotions. I would've already started if you didn't come! I will be here when you're finished, okay? Okay. Get back to your boys!" I was truly as lost as a puppy!

"Ok. I guess that's fine. Bye Hannah Banana!" Bella had the worst of nicknames for me! Hannah Banana? Seriously?

"Oh shoot! Wait! I.. erm... um.. Can you please tell Harry I said bye and that I am sorry?" I asked.

"Uh yeah sure... We really gotta go now! Bye H!" I rolled my eyes. Alianah surely seemed determined to get back to the boys. She was always the most flirtatious when it came to boys! She just loved the thought of boys whereas me on the other hand, had never had a boyfriend so I wouldn't know if I was flirtatious or not.


Harry and Hannah's P.O.V

I just 'RUINED MY CHANCES' with the person I just met. Never would I forgive myself for that! I'm an idiotic insane maniac who ruins everything! I just messed up my first impression! I don't deserve a beautiful, kind and sweet girl like Hannah. I don't deserve such a sweet, romantic and great guy like Harry. The person that she/ he ends up with would immediately, without a doubt, be considered the luckiest person in the world!



Hey guys! 

I have been booked out and really busy so I haven't been able to update any of my books! I hope you liked the chapter and some of you might cry throughout sad parts of the story, some of you might not. I wouldn't know because I'm not in the mood for crying. Listening to One Direction's music makes me too happy to be let down! I personally love the drama and emotions that we want this book to give. You guys are awesome! 180 reads and 5 more hearts until the next chapter!

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- Aly xx


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