Styles' girl

Hi guys! So this will officially be one of my last Harry fics because I've written a lot of Harry stuff.. This is much more different to my other books because it's a love/hate one! If you see the same story, don't hate on me because I made this up.

Hannah Skye Love is an ordinary directioner who is in love with all the boys except Harry Edward Styles because she thinks he is a bad influence. What happens when they meet. Harry falls for Hannah but does Hannah ever fall for Harry?
Find out in ' Styles' girl'....


1. Prologue

Hannah Skye Love is the name and I'm 19 years old. I'm just your ordinary directioner except for the fact that I absolutely HATE Harry Styles, 1/5 of One Direction. I've never met him so I don't hate him because he's ever tortured me but I hate him because I believe that he's a bad influence. I have greyish-blue eyes and blonde hair, nothing special. When I was younger (around 4-6 years old), I was a little model but then school kicked in and I couldn't be a model anymore.



He dates older women (up to 44 years old!)

Harry is too much of a flirt which is bad..

THE Taylor Swift was dumped by Harry! (rude or what?!) (A/N not really.. Sorry swifties but I hate Tay because she's changed).


BUT seriously, the list could go on FOREVER!


His hair may be the thing I love but it still doesn't make my hate for him decrease! 


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