Styles' girl

Hi guys! So this will officially be one of my last Harry fics because I've written a lot of Harry stuff.. This is much more different to my other books because it's a love/hate one! If you see the same story, don't hate on me because I made this up.

Hannah Skye Love is an ordinary directioner who is in love with all the boys except Harry Edward Styles because she thinks he is a bad influence. What happens when they meet. Harry falls for Hannah but does Hannah ever fall for Harry?
Find out in ' Styles' girl'....


5. A/N: Promise?

Sorry this is an A/N chapter! I just wanted to let you know that I am working on the next chapter but I won't publish it until I get those 5 hearts/likes. I'm so sorry for doing this but I've seen other people do that and I want to make this book better. It's my favourite book to write out of all my books (not including Secret Paparazzi, Summer Love and Goth Babes because they're not really mine I'm just a co- author for those). 


So far I have 4 likes/hearts. My goal was 5 so I can't publish it until then. But with my reads, OMG I have 204. I know I have Another World which has 700+ reads but from 175 reads to 204, you guys are amaZAYN!!! I love you so so so so soooooooooooooooooooo much! You are the best fans!


I was wondering: What do you lovely fans and readers wanna be called?? First three answers will be put up into the next chapter and from those three, you will vote for your favourite one in the comment section. The one with the most votes, wins and that's what you will be called! So I suggest you get thinking and type up your name to be in the top 3!!


- Aly xx

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