Pregnant 101 With Harry 2

Nicki Annika Styles comes back to life a couple days after Harry proposed to Kat. But how? Nicki now has a bunch of different problems. She can't be near a variety of foods or sweets. Which is really hard for her to live. She chokes and hacks. Kat and Harry do their best to help Nicki live. But will they're help work? Will Nicki survive?


9. De Ja Vu

Kat's P.O.V

I walked down the beautiful white carpet, my parents at my side. Passing all the chairs, filled with family members and friends. We reached the end of the rug. Where Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall stood, in their adorable and black tux's. Mikayla, Danielle, and Eleanor stood on the other side, in their beautiful red dresses. Harry smiled at me and winked. I winked back. I hugged my parents, they didn't look angry at all, I mean, I'm 19 and getting married. I stood facing Harry. I gave Mikayla my boquet of flowers. Harry took my hands. The ceremony began.

It was a long ceremony. But hello, I'm getting married! It finally came to the oart where the special, 'I do' comes.

"Kat Monroe, do you take Harry Styles to be you're loving husband to love, to cherish, to protect, and care for all you two shall live?" The preist asked.

I looked at Harry. He was smiling.

"I do." I said.

"Harry Styles, do you take Kat Monroe to be you're loving wife, to love, to cherish, to protect, and care for all you two shall live?" The preist asked.

"Hell yes! Oh, I mean....I do." Harry said.

Everyone laughed. I smiled at Harry's cuteness.

"Well then, I pronounce you as husband and wife." The preist said and slammed his book shut.

Everyone one jumped up from their seats and cheered. Harry picked my up and kissed my lips. His lips were like being kissed by heaven. I felt his tounge gain enterence. I hugged him tight, smiling at the de ja vu that was happening to me.

Nicki was perfectly fine, no coughing or hacking. Fine. Perfect as can be. My parents were holding her. She was safe in her grandparents arms. This has to be the greatest day ever. I finally got married to the love of my life. I can be with him forever and ever. No one else. Just me. Now, we're a big happy family.

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