Pregnant 101 With Harry 2

Nicki Annika Styles comes back to life a couple days after Harry proposed to Kat. But how? Nicki now has a bunch of different problems. She can't be near a variety of foods or sweets. Which is really hard for her to live. She chokes and hacks. Kat and Harry do their best to help Nicki live. But will they're help work? Will Nicki survive?


6. Baby Shower

Kat's P.O.V

Karley was helping me get Nicki ready to go to Eleanor's baby shower. She was gonna have this baby anytime now. It's ridiculous how time goes by so fast during pregnancy. For Eleanor & I anyway.

Karley got Nicki in her buggy and Harry & I got our jackets. Niall just walked through the door. He kissed Karley on the cheek and we all left to Louis & Eleanor's house. Niall and Harry are going to a bachelor party with the rest of the boys, at a friend of Louis' house. We walked over to Eleanor & Louis' house. We walked inside and it was filled with people. A bunch of Eleanor's friends adn close friends. And some family, too. They didn't seem upset that Eleanor was pregnant. But she is 21. That's a pretty sensible age for being pregnant. I guess.

Louis met Harry and Niall at the door and they left in Louis' car. Harry took Nicki with him to the bachelor party. Seconds after, Eleanor greeted us at the door. She took the presents that Karley & I had in our hands, and put them on a big table in the living room. She led us through the crowd, and into her kitchen. No one was in the kitchen, they were all in the living room. We sat in the kitchen chairs.

"So. Are you excited?" Karley asked Eleanor.

"Yeah. But I'm pretty nervous. I heard women died from giving birth, though. That scres the hell out of me." Eleanor said.

"Don't worry, it doesn't hurt that bad." I said.

Eleanor gave me the look that me feel like I was a retard.

"Okay, okay. It hurts. But its highly impossible that you're going to die," I said.

"but hey, it's worth it. Your bringing a life into this world." I said.

Eleanor nodded in agreement.

"We should get this thing started!" Karley said.

"Yeah." Eleanor said in a cheery voice.

We got up from our chairs and headed to the living room where all the talking roared the most. The bright sun shined through the curtains of the living room. We got everyone's attention and they got quiet.

"I would like to thank everyone for coming on this lovely day." Eleanor announced.

"Why don't you open the presents then we can eat?" One of Eleanor's old friends said.

Eleanor went to the table of presents and sat in a chair next to it. I gave her the presents one by one. There were so many cute presents. Some were little pajamas and clothes. And some baby food containers that make the baby food last. I saved Karley & I's present for last. I handed our present to Eleanor. It was a big box so she had to get help to open it. Whe she opened it, her face lit up with excitement. She looked at me, then at Karley, smiling.

"Thank you so much! It's amazing!" She said.

Karley & I got her a big crib for the baby. And a couple toys that she already opened a few minutes ago.

"You're welcome." Karley & I said.

After Eleanor finished opening the presents, we all went to eat in the kitchen. There was cake, vegetables, and cheesecake. It was so good! They food was amazing. About an hour passed by everyone started to leave. It was just Karley, Eleanor, and I. We sat in the living room and watched TV for a while.

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