Pregnant 101 With Harry 2

Nicki Annika Styles comes back to life a couple days after Harry proposed to Kat. But how? Nicki now has a bunch of different problems. She can't be near a variety of foods or sweets. Which is really hard for her to live. She chokes and hacks. Kat and Harry do their best to help Nicki live. But will they're help work? Will Nicki survive?


10. Babies On Every Corner (Final Chapter)


Kat's P.O.V

Going through that pain again. I should of listened to Danielle. But guess what? I didn't.

"Just once more, Kat! You're almost there!" Liam said.

Harry held my hand very tight. I felt that he was as scared as me. Having a second child. I knew he felt my pain. Pushing and pushing, its like everything was repeating from the night Nicki was born. Then the pain faded away slowly.

"It's out." The nurse said.

I sighed and smiled.

"You did it, again. Kat!" Harry said and kissed my red cheek.

The doctors took away the baby to check if it's a girl or boy. The crying faded as he walked down to another room. I can't believe I just gave birth, again. I looked over at Nicki, she walked over to me slowly. My baby girl is growing up. She's finally 2 years old. She turned 2 last week.

The doctor came back.

"Kat, you gave birth to a baby boy." The doctor said.

"Let's name him Jason." I said.

Harry agreed. He came up with that name. I smiled and whispered yay. The doctor gave me my baby boy and I admired him. He was wrapped in a blue blanket. Harry looked at me and smiled. Nicki smiled and hopped on the bed. She sat right on my lap and looked at her baby brother. She clapped her hands and smiled big. Harry smiled.

"Congrats on you're new baby boy." I heard my parents said as they looked at me and smiled.

"Now, we have a full family." I said.



THANK YOU FANS! I'm srry for the bad parts in this sroty that you probably disliked. I tried my best. Last year I started with a plain old story that started out as a girl named Kat Monroe that hated Harry Styles and the rest of One Direction. But, now she is a strong, powerful, and brave girl who is in love with a pop star and has 2 kids. Ava and Jason. Girl and boy. She will have a amazing future with her husband. And Kat hopes you enjoyed this story! Thank you everyone. This story would be NOTHING without you guys. And thank you to all the complaints on this story, they kinda helped me open my eyes to the writing world and understand that I shouldn't rush stories. Thank you fans, thank you so much for sticking with me through this entire story and never gave up.

THANK YOU! (For the thousandth time.) And I think I'm going to start a story that isn't a fanfiction. Its gonna be filled with action and adventure. So PLEEEEEEASE CHECK IT OUT! I recently bought a game called Tomb Raider. IT WAS A AWESOME GAME!!!! U should play it! Anyway, my new story is kinda gonna be based off that. But its gonna be a little different. So please read it when it comes out!!

Thank you ~ Ashley xx


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