Pregnant 101 With Harry 2

Nicki Annika Styles comes back to life a couple days after Harry proposed to Kat. But how? Nicki now has a bunch of different problems. She can't be near a variety of foods or sweets. Which is really hard for her to live. She chokes and hacks. Kat and Harry do their best to help Nicki live. But will they're help work? Will Nicki survive?


13. Author Note: Contest Winners

Hey fans. I got a lot of requests from a lot of you guys. Adn I picked the ones that I thought was going to be awesome authors. I picked two people instead of one, sooooo yeah. And the winners are.........


1. lovngthem5britishboys

2. Tori Lima


Now if you are one of these winners, please become a fan of me so I can invite you to write this story. And I will show you fans the winner's entries.



lovngthem5britishboys's Entry:

i just finished reading Pregnant 101 with Harry 1 and 2. its an amazing book, loved it. I wanted to help write Pregnant 101 with Harry 3, but I couldn't get to the site that I could give you the information. I have lots of ideas for book 3 and I just really wanted to join, or whatever. so if there is any other way for me to send you my info, can you tell me. that would be great!! If you can reply that would be good to, thanks.
xx steffanie.

Tori Lima's Entry:

I'm contacting you because I want to help write the movella, 'Pregnant With Harry 3' since I loved the first two! I don't even care if the movellas you wrote are short I LOVE THEM!! Please let me help you! I love helping out people!!! Please!!


Okay those were the entries, and I hope that the 3rd story will bring attention to those authors. Now, if you're on eof those people, please become a fan of me and ill invite you to your new story!


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