Kim Dee-Goo meets unexpected the famouse singer Roh Ji Hoon, that turn her life upside Down, and make her feel feelings, that she thought she never would feel..
**Watch related video .. The movella is build on the song.**


1. Unknown Man

It was a quiet night, even here in the club. I don’t know what happened, but this club always had many people on a Saturday night, but today there was almost nothing. Of course, there was people, but the place wasn’t packed, as it was normally. This actually bothered me, because tonight I was out to find a date for the night.

I was together with my girlfriend Soo-Hyun, we had both had a long week, and wanted to let go – course we work with the same, we do the same - we stress the same. So here we were with no date, and a half packed club.

I emptied my glass of something I didn’t know, when Soo-Hyun had ordered it, was going for the dance floor, just because there wasn’t many people, didn’t mean I didn’t get to have fun. I just had to do with what there was.

And it didn’t take long to find a okay handsome guy out there. I saw that he was with this girl, but it didn’t seem like they were together – so I took my chances. I danced over to the guy, he didn’t see me, so I pumped into him with an ‘accident’. He turned around and looked at me, or should I saw glaring at me?
“Sorry ‘bout that!” I screamed over the music, and put on a ‘I’m-sorry-faces’ that I was actually pretty good at using, just to brag a little.

“You don’t say! What would you have done if, I had a drink or something?” He screamed right back at me. I apologized again, this time bowed also, and did a long one, just to make my point. I didn’t get the chance to get up myself, because the guy, hurried to get me up again: “Don’t bow to me like that, it wasn’t you’re fault!” He said to me, with a light arm on my upper arm.

I was beginning to bow again to say thanks, but he held me up, so I couldn’t.
“How ‘bout a drink, my lady?” He asked, after a minute, where we just stood.
“Only if you give a Sunny Beach?” I asked cutely.
Got. Him. Hooked.

When we got over to the bar, he began to give me drinks – and not just the one, but he ended up giving me six, before he couldn’t do more. He was really wasted, so I took him to the street and into a cap. This was actually a hard thing to do, because I had a lot to drink myself.

I ended up in the taxa myself, with an arm around my shoulders, as the guy told the driver, where to drive. And in some magical way did we get there. I didn’t know this neighborhood, and as we got out of the cap, we went towards his apartment, but suddenly I didn’t want to go up there.

“Ehm. I need to go home now. You can get up on your own right?” I asked, and looked at him, while I tried to keep my balance in my five-inch heels. And that’s where it happened, something I didn’t think would come from him.
He griped my arm, and pulled me with him.
“You’re not going anywhere, my sweetheart” he said to me.


I didn’t want to scream, and I didn’t, because I wasn’t that kind of a girl. Just as I was on my way to break free, when someone come to us, and gave the guy a right hook.
The guy let me go, and laid a hand over where he was hit, and looked at it like was full of blood.
“What the fuck man?!” He yelled to the unknown man.
“That’s my question,” the unknown man answered, and gave the man a look.

The guy I had come with, looked at me, and then looked back at the unknown.
“So .. She is your girl. Huh?” The guy said with a smirk, “I’m sorry to say this, but she came on her own will. How should I know she had a man?”
That pissed me off. First he says a lot of things that doesn’t have anything to do with this situation. Second he lied to the unknown man, just to hope he came out of trouble? Omg, a girl he is.

“And excuse me, but if she come out and look for some other man than you, doesn’t that mean, that you can’t satisfy her?”

This time the unknown didn’t do anything, properly because he was confused, over the situation. So this time I did it, and landed a circle kick and hit him, right on the left chin. He fell right on his butt, on the ground.  

He looked up, with surprise on his face.               
“What?” He asked confused.
“Don’t go around and spread shit, no one wants to go in it anyway,” I answered him. I had a lot of confident in my voice, but I couldn’t really control my legs, the kick had done a lot to my balance, because I had a lot of alcohol in my blood. Why did I have to go with this guy? I thought that I knew how to put them apart, so that I wouldn’t go home with some weakling. Maybe I thought wrong.

I could feel my balance fall apart, and I was on my way to fall on my butt, if it hadn’t been for the unknown man, who took me from falling. I felt really dizzy now. My conscience began to fall, but I could see what happened the next few minutes.

The guy, I finally remembered the name on – as Kim Ji-Hyung – began to stand up again, and he didn’t look like someone who was on his way home. Therefore, the unknown man sat me down on the asphalt, and went to the guy.

“Don’t you think you should go home by now?” The unknown man asked Ji-Hyung.
“Oh no, I don’t think so. Not when you have threatened me this way.”
“You don’t think that’s why you should leave?”

Ji-Hyung just stood there now, and looked at the unknown man, like he had just eaten some piece of old cake, or something.

I didn’t remember what the unknown man said and did after that, I just remember that I was conscience. But JI-Hyung began to back away from us, and towards his apartment. That’s what I remembered before I lost conscience.

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