Kim Dee-Goo meets unexpected the famouse singer Roh Ji Hoon, that turn her life upside Down, and make her feel feelings, that she thought she never would feel..
**Watch related video .. The movella is build on the song.**


5. The Dream

“Crush thing?” He ask a little confused, I don’t know. I just nod at him, and look at him.
“You sure, you don’t have a crush thing going on?” He ask back, and is actually ignoring my question.
“Don’t change the subject,” I tell him, and just want to growl down in a hole. I actually don’t like this subject, why did I ask him that?!
“You’re changing the subject again.”
“No I just asked you the same subject as you. And if you don’t answer then neither am I,” He says, and crosses his arms over his chest.

“Why should I answer your question, when I asked mine first?” I felt like I was beginning to get sober again. Hated when I felt sober, when I just wanted to be drunk, and couldn’t feel the embarrassment of my actions.
“Just because,” he answers and lift his shoulders.
He really are an asshole.
“Thank you, Noona,” He says.
“Did I say that aloud?” I ask a little surprised.
“Yes, and I find that really charming, that people think that about me. Almost like foreplay,” he says.
I shirk. How can someone think that as a foreplay?

I turn around, and walk with fast and precise steps towards home, I’m not going to be with him one moment more.
But like that was going to happen. He followed me on a safe distance.
“Don’t follow me. I can walk on my own from here,” I yell at him, just to make a point.
“Maybe you can, but I don’t like that you go home alone, this late at night,” he tell me back. Late at night?
I take my phone out my pocket, and like he said, it is late; 11:03 p.m. Fuck. I’m so much going to sleep over me the next day.
“Go home! I need to get to bed, so that I can try to get up to the time tomorrow,” this time I don’t yell, but my voice is high, like really high.

“I told you, I didn’t want you to go home alone at night. Just let me walk you home,” he tells me with a caring voice. My heart skipped a little beat, not that I think more about it, it is just not something that I am comfortable with. I walk fast just so that I can come home faster, so that I can get him out of my face.

“This is it. Go home,” I say as I stand outside my apartment. I turn around to look at him, and then he stands with a smirk on.
“What?” I ask a little confused, I didn’t follow anymore.
“The answer on your question: Maybe a little,” he says, and turns away.
I stand back and look at his back as it disappear out of sight.
“What the … “ I mutter, and goes back inside. I’m sure that my bed is calling me, or yelling?


I was lying in a bed, and was comfortable. I think, I had been in this bed before, but I couldn’t place where. I turned around, and said some kind of sleeping noise. My arm landed on something, and I wasn’t afraid. Actually I was more relaxed to find out that the person still laid besides me.
I opened my eyes slowly, and looked into some beautiful brown eyes.
“Good morning,” the eyes answered, and lifted him self up, so that I could see his face. It was Roh Ji Hoon. I felt myself get surprised and confused, when my subconscious made it’s way into the dream I, but it didn’t last long, before Roh Ji Hoon, had made his way to my lips, and I was back in the dream.

His lips was like they were made to match mine. I smiled, and kissed him back. Our lips moved in perfect sync. He moved on top of me, his hands found its way to my hips, and mine found its way to his hair. It left like a long time, until one of his hands found its way to my right breast, and began to message it. I heard myself moan against his mouth. And when he moved his lips from mine, I was on my way to protest, until they found my neck and I began to moan instead.

The sensation of his lips on my skin was like dynamite, and together with his hands on my breast, I felt like I was in heaven.
He moved his tongue down, and I could still feel his tongue, even though it was gone. It moved to my bellybutton, and made a new sensation to my body, that was already on its heat.

He moved his head up again, and found my left breast, and made circles around my nipple. He moved his hands up to my mouth, and kissed me passionate again. As he did, he moved his fingers down my belly, down between my tights, and moved them aside, so that he could come down to my personal area. He circled his finger round my sensitive spot down there, before he moved a finger inside me. I moaned against his lips, and I could feel my hips move underneath him.

My hand came alive, and found his personal area, and found out for the first time, that I wasn’t the only one who was naked. I began to stoke him, and to that, I earned a soft moan again my lips. I took it as an invitation, and kept stroking him, until he moved out of my clasp. I made an protesting noise, which only made him smirk.

He moved his head down to my personal area, and made me cry aloud. Before wasn’t heaven, that was only the way up. Then he suddenly moved his head up, and looked me in my eyes asking for permission, and I nodded.

I woke with a shudder. Why did I just have that dream?
The dream was totally wrong, in so many ways. Why would I lay with him like that? Was it because of what he said before? Could that have been the reason?

I was suddenly aware of that my room was lighted up, and I looked at the clock. And as I predicted the night before, I was going to be so much late.

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