Kim Dee-Goo meets unexpected the famouse singer Roh Ji Hoon, that turn her life upside Down, and make her feel feelings, that she thought she never would feel..
**Watch related video .. The movella is build on the song.**


2. Roh Ji Hoon

I woke up in a puffy bed, and the smell of coffee. My head was banging on it’s fullest, and my head hurt. I didn’t wanted to, but had to open my eyes slowly, because I could already feel the sunlight on eyelids, and that hurt.

I laid in an uncomfortable position; I couldn’t believe I could have slept in it. I was sleeping in some kind of a ball, but my head was in some uncontrollable position. I began to move, and I could see that I was in a open room, where bedroom, living room and kitchen was one, with only the bathroom was separated from the rest. The outer walls was light brown brocks, the inner walls was white, together with the rest of the furniture’s, and some was light brown.

I could just see the kitchen around the corner, because of a wall there made the bedroom a little more private. There stood a man, with the oven, and was making something, I couldn’t focus on the smell, I could only smell the coffee.

I began to crawl out the duvet, which I had slept with, and I could feel something was off.
I didn’t have my little dress on, or any of my jewels. I had gotten a black shirt on. You know the movies where you see; the girls get the boy’s shirt on in there sleep? How it’s big, and make the girl look small?  This was not that scene. The shirt fitted me okay, and did only just cover my G-string. It didn’t make me look cute and small, it made me look like I brought the shirt for myself.

When I moved, the man in the kitchen turned himself half around, so that he could see me.
“Hello there,” he said, and made me a half smile, and turned back towards the kitchen.
I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know this man.

“Bathroom?” I said with a small voice, and though that I had to say it again, so that he could hear me, but that wasn’t a problem.
“Just around the wall,” he said, and guide me with a spoon.
As I began to move out of the bed, I could feel how weak my body was, and I became dizzy, so I sat on the bed for a little while, before raising me again.

Out on the bathroom, I looked at my reflection. Holy shit. I looked like shit. My hair was a mess, and my make-up was mostly gone, except of my mascara. I began to fix myself up, when I remembered last night. Everything came back with full force, and made my head hurt more. I took a good grip on the sink, trying to see if that could make it go away, but without luck, I turned on water, and splashed it in my head.

After a good drink, I placed myself on the toilet. I needed to gather my thoughts.

That guy in the kitchen was the man from last night, not Ji-Hyun, but the other one. Why was I in his apartment, and only in a shirt? That made no sense? Why would let a total stranger into ones house?

I wasn’t afraid, that was what made a big impression on me. He didn’t feel like he was dangerous, but instead he made me feel safe. Maybe it was just because of what happened last night. I hope so. ...As I exited the bathroom, the man had made a table full of breakfast, and fresh coffee. I hurried to the coffee, without knowing if it was mine, or not. I didn’t care, I just needed the coffee.

The first mouthful was heaven, in my dry mouth, but I hadn’t thought it through, I burned my whole mouth. I let a little shirk out, and almost dropped the cup, if the man hadn’t grabbed it.

“You okay?” He asked one hand on the coffee cup, and another on my shoulder.
“Aw~!”   I yelled. I tried to put out the heat in my mouth, with a waving hand. Of course it didn’t help, but it was just a reflex.
“That won’t help. Here,” he said, and gave me a glass of cold water. I drank with lust, and the water was gone in a second.

“Better?” He looked at me with this worried eyes, which I found a little worrisome. I wasn’t used to people showing concern for me – only after they had come into my life, after my acceptance.

“Ye-yeah, I’m fine. Thanks you,” I nodded a little.
“More water?” but he had already taken the glass out of my hand, and on his way to fill it up again. This glass I drank slower, and enjoyed it to the fullest.

“So, did you change my cloths?” I asked, as we sat at the table, and was eating his hangover soup – the best I had until now. 
“No,” he said, almost panic in his voice. I was almost on my way to make a sigh, just the thought of him seeing my without cloth was hard enough.
“You did it yourself, when we came to my place. You suddenly began to undress, and then you went through my drawers, and found my shirt. It took my two hours to get you to sleep,” he finished.

I could feel my chicks get hot, and I could almost see how red my chicks was.
“I did that?” I was shocked. I knew that I was unstoppable when I was drunk, but that was unexpected. That wasn’t what I have ever heard of, about my behavior.
He nodded: “Oh, by the way, I’m Roh Ji Hoon.”

I grinned. I extended my hand for a shake:” *Annyeong Roh Ji Hoon, I’m Kim Dee-Goo.”
“Dee-Goo? That was an unusually name you got there,” he smiled at me. I got that a lot. Not my fault m parents found it adorable.
Just when I thought he would, make a little joke out of it, like other people, he surprised me:” It’s cute.”

This was the second time, in the time I had been in his apartment, which he had taken me with surprise. It was a little unsettling, when I was used to the opposite. It’s been awhile since I felt this. This unsettling feeling, of been accepted without much of a try on my behalf.

“Cute?” I asked, and probably looked like a question mark. I felt a little like a fool, to say that aloud. I needed to hear it again, to be sure that I wasn’t hearing things, because I wanted to.
“Yeah. I imagine a little energetic puppy,” he said with a big smile.

“A puppy?” It came out another way I wanted. It sounded like a shirk. Like I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

“Yeah! You know those you just can’t help but love?” He sounded really energetic, until he realized what he said:” Sorry, not that I mean - you know - love you or anything. That would be insane,” he looked embarrassed now. He looked adorable.

I had to laugh, and that just make him look like he was more embarrassed.
“Sorry, not to make you look more embarrassed. It was just an reaction,” I said still laughing. I couldn’t stop.

After I stopped laughing, we had finished eating. Ji Hoon, began to take of the plates, when I interrupted him: “Ji Hoon-sshi, let me. Now when I have caused you so much trouble over night.”

“Sshi? Why the formality? We are probably the same age,” he said as a protest. I looked at him with curious eyes – same age?
“Are you saying you are 26 years?” I didn’t sound like I believed he was 26, because he didn’t look like it.

“**Noona? Are you trying to tell me you are my noona? I don’t believe it,” he said with a shock.
“Maybe, you’re age?”
“I’m 22.”
“Thought so – you couldn’t look like a 26 years old,” I laughed a little.
“Oh yeah? Let me see your ID-card,” he said, with a serious face. He didn’t believe I was 26.

“Then where did you put my purse from last night?”
He walked from the kitchen into the ‘living room’ to fetch my purse.
I took out my ID-card, and shoved it up in his face: “See?!”
He looked at it, like he hadn’t seen an ID-card before: “So I need to call you Noona? That was hard to see from your behavior last night.”
Shocked. I was shocked, his behavior was not that of a ***hubae.

“Yes you do,” I said in an challenging tone.
First he looked like someone who couldn’t believe what I had just said, then he changed: “Ey Ey Noona,” he said with a smirk, that told me he was going to play this out.


*Annyeong = Hello
**Noona = Boys calls older woman/ big sister
***Huebae = Underclassmen, call for someone younger


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