Kim Dee-Goo meets unexpected the famouse singer Roh Ji Hoon, that turn her life upside Down, and make her feel feelings, that she thought she never would feel..
**Watch related video .. The movella is build on the song.**


4. Prok House

As I sit down at the couch, I feel exhausted. It has been a long time since I felt this exhausted. I sit quiet for some seconds, maybe minutes, I don’t know. I switch on the TV and find Star King is on, but I don’t find the mood to watch it today. I look at my watch, 8 p.m. that explain why I am so hungry. I don’t want to cook, so I decide to go out.

After my exhausting day, I decide that I have deserved a treat this evening. I go down to the local pork tent to eat.

The tent is full of people for a weekday to consider, if I knew there were so many people, I wouldn’t have gone. It toke some time, for me to be served, and by the time, I do, I’m thinking of leaving, but my stomach says otherwise.
“One plate of pork with kimichi, and a bottle of sake, please,” I smile at the server, when she looks stressed. The server smiles gratefully back at me, leaving me with the thought that she hasn’t have the best customers this evening.  When my food comes, and I’m about to put it on the grill, my mouth already waters. This good moment is ruined when my work phone rings, and I sigh.

“*Annyeonghaseyo,” I don’t use name, when no personal things goes on, on this phone.
“Noona?” I get as an answer, and I freeze. Why does he have my number?!
“Annyeong?” He asked confused.
“Ji-Hoon, why do you have this number?” I ask, my voice cold.
“Aw come one, it’s not that hard to get your number Doo-Gee,” he laugh. The mention of my name sends a little shiver through me.
“Call you elder properly,” I scold him. He can’t come here and think that just because he is famous, this doesn’t count.
“**Mianhage,” he answers.
“What do you want?” I ask, maybe a little too rough.
“What are you doing?” he ignores my question.
“Eating, hanging up,” I want to make this short.
“Where?” Still ignoring me.
I hang up. Told him so.

As I again try to put the pork on, my phone rings again. I sigh.
“Annyeonghaseyo,” I say again.
“Where?” Can’t he just let me eat alone?
“Pork house,” I hang up again. Argh!
The phone ring again almost immediately.
“WHAT?!” Know I lost my patience.
“Let me take you out, don’t eat in that filthy place,” he sounds caring, bah!
“Well I like this filthy place. Leave. Me. Alone.”
“Noo-“ I cut him off.

This time I just make it to the grill, before the tent open, but I ignoring it, probably Hyun Tae-Joo-sshi husband, whom mad again.
“How can you just hang up on me?!” I hear a shout, and I automatically look up, thinking it’s me. But then it’s someone I don’t know. Relief wash over me.
I turn my pork.
“How can you just hang up on me?!” I hear again, but this time I know it. And I freeze. I look up, and just stare at him. Roh Ji Hoon.
He comes right to me, and his face… Don’t even want to mention it.  He places his hands on the table, and wait for my replay.
“What do you mean?” I asked, and turn my attention back to the pork. It’s done, so I put the first into my mouth. It got to much.
“See, now my pork is ruined because of you!” I scold him, and get the server back to my table.
“Can I get a new plate?” I ask her, with a glance on Ji Hoon,”make it on his tap.”
The server smiles at me, and goes after another plate.

“My tap? Why should I pay for your dinner?” He ask, with his face painted in confusion.
“Because you ruined my pork, and you said you would feed me,” I say, and eat a new piece of pork. It really is ruined.
“I said I would tread you on a nice restaurant.”
“But I want to eat here. So suck it up,”
I clap my hand when the server comes to me with a new plate of pork.

The first piece are heaven. I really is hungry.
“Are you sure you are 26?” Ji Hoon ask me.
I look up at him, and smiles a big smile.
“Of course I am. You saw my driver license. Huebae,” I says and lift the chopsticks like a scolding gesture.
“It could be a fake one.”
“No way.” I say and take a shot of sake. Rushed down with another.


I’m on my way home. And I think it goes well, but with Ji Hoon on my track, says otherwise. I don’t know why he insisted on walking me home, but he did, and with my tolerance for alcohol, I don’t know why he says so.
I suddenly lie on the ground, and look up with a confused face.
“Goddamit Doo-Gee, you can’t even walk,” says Ji Hoon while he picks me up.
“I can walk straight!” I protest, “It’s not my fault that they steps just comes popping up out a sound!”
“That step has been there all along,” Ji Hoon protest back.
I shake my head with fury, “No!”
I begin to stand up, but it doesn’t go as planned, and I end up with my back against Ji Hoo. Wow he is firm!
“You okay?!” He ask.
I tilt my head backwards, so I can look at Ji Hoon. We just stare at each other. I think we did it for a long time, but I’m not that sure. And suddenly he just pulls away, and I have a hard time, trying to stand on my own.
“What?” I ask him a little irritated.
“What?” He asks again, a little flushed, maybe?
“Don’t tell me you got this crush thing going on,” I tell him frankly. Lucky I’m drunk and can’t feel the embarrassment of the sentence.


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