Kim Dee-Goo meets unexpected the famouse singer Roh Ji Hoon, that turn her life upside Down, and make her feel feelings, that she thought she never would feel..
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3. By Chance

“Dee-Goo! Why are you still here?! Kang Seung Yoon has a schedule to make!” My boss yelled across the floor. I was just packing up the last of my things, and on my way to pick Seung Yoon up. I worked at YG Entertainment as a manager for green singers or actors.

My job wasn’t easy, especially not with my boss in my shoes, and Seung Yoon, whom just started his singer carrier as a solo singer, was actor before and now, so his star-feber was high, when he had already tasted the life of a star.  Those who had lead a star life before, was the hardest, because the expected a lot from me – of course total green also did, because of there’s fantasies, of being a star, but they could come down to earth again.

At the scene of ‘High Kick 3’, Seung Yoon acted like a spoiled child, and ordered me around to get water, or even had me answered his phone, for texts from girls he had here and there, famous and normal girls. I totally did not like this person. He was one of them that made girls look at girls as we do.

“Doo-Gee,” yeah, he don’t even call me noona, when he is only 19,”get See-Gu Noona on the phone,” He said as he walked from the set towards me. I really hated this kid, more than other kids.

“I have already called her up,” I answered in a lazy tone. I know it didn’t make my image very good, but I have been doing this for 7 years, and everybody worth knowing, know me, so they know me personally and formal.

He took the phone out of my hand:” Watch who you are speaking to Dee-Goo,” he said, before he got See-Gu on the phone, and he was all sweet talk.

I walked over to the instructor to hear about the schedule, and hear how it goes.
“Oh, so you have gotten a ladyfriend now, *oppa! That’s wonderful!” I gave the instructor a little hug. He had been searching for a ladyfriend for a long time.


As we were walking away from the set, to go to a photoshoot for Sinqles, I saw him. It had been three days since I last saw him, and now I saw him here, in a studio? Why did he come here?

I thought that maybe I could ignore him, and he wouldn’t pay attention to me, but that was like saying I was an horse.
“Noona?” I hear his voice call out, and I had to look at him.
“Annyeong Ji Hoon,” I answered him, didn’t actually think he would call me Noona, not after last time.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, and looked from me to Seung Yoon.
“Working, you?”
He didn’t answer immediately, and I could sense that Seung Yoon grew irritated. 
“Working too. Why are you with this punk?”

Now Seung Yoon wasn’t just irritated, now he was pissed to. He hated when people called him a punk or other.
“Hey watch your mouth,” he spat at Ji Hoon.
“Watch yours,” Ji Hoon answered again.

This was going bad, why was Ji Hoon so worked up?
I was just on my way to break in, when Seung Yoon did it for me: “Come on Dee-Goo, I don’t have time to do this.”
Ji Hoon looked at Seung Yoon, and took of his sunglasses that he had on – Don’t ask me why.

“Why don’t you treat your elders with a little respect, Hubae,” he said to Seung Yoon, who just stood there and stared at Ji Hoon all frozen.
After sometime I thought that maybe had become a statue, of something, but then he finally came to words: “Roh – Ji – Hoon.”
The way he said it, made it sound like he was some kind of a legend or something.

Ji Hoon smiled at Seung Yoon, not a friendly smile, but a smile there said, you’re not getting out of this one. I looked between them.
“Is there something that I don’t know?” I asked them, and gave them an questioning look.
“You don’t know, who he is, and are still calling him out?!” Seung Yoon asked, with a terrified voice I would call it.

I shook my head. Now both men stood and stared at me.
Seung Yoon was the first who talked: “Roh Ji Hoon is a singer, with great potential, and some people even thinks that he can be the next Rain or something. And you don’t know who he is? You who have connections all over the Entertainment world.”
I put out my bottom lip out, and tried to think a little over, if I knew something. Know that I thought back, there was something about that name.

“You don’t know who I am?” Ji Hoon asked me, a little shocked as far as I could see.  I just shook my head. I remembered the name, but not really him, himself.
“So all the time you were at my house, you didn’t know who I was? That’s shocking. I thought you knew.”

“No, not really,” I said, and was getting a little tired over this topic.
I looked at my phone, and found the clock. We were late – again.
“Sorry Ji-Hoon we gotte go,” I said, and grabbed Seung Yoon in the arm to pull him of.
“Wait, Noona!” Ji Hoon called after me, “Doo-Gee!” He tried again.

Nothing of it made me stop, if it was the plan to meet him again, it would happen by chance.
“Wait up Doo-Gee,” Seung Yoon said, and pulled his arm of me, when we had made a good way away from Ji Hoon,” You can’t just leave **Hyung like that?!”
“Oh, you can call him in formal, but not me? Interesting,” I answered him, ignoring the question he asked.

I continued to walk away, never looking back.
Why did I have to meet him here?


*Oppa = Girls call out to older men/Big brother
**Hyung = Boys call out to older men/Big brother

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