Outcast, Heathen

The year is 2413, and humanity is no longer free. After encountering an alien race called the Heathen, hope was lost. They let us live to serve, and some are more than happy to live in peace this way. Others can't resist an opportunity to fight back. **NOTE** Due to dire disagreements with my chosen operating system, Outcast will sadly be going some time without an update, either until the data is recovered or I have managed to recreate the scenes. Thank you, sorry, and I hope you enjoy what's there while I work like mad to update!


1. Introductions


This is a story, like any other, and I would like to respect its dignity as such. Without attractive words to draw in the audience, but powerful characters with their own ability to do so. As such, in this first novel of our heroes, I am proud to introduce the first of three, Peppermint.

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