Everything About You

No one has any idea what its like to be me. I ran away from home because I was being abused by my parents. I have nothing but my clothes, about £100, my guitar, and my hair brush. I now have no money and life sucks. No one helps me, NO ONE! I start to sing to earn money. Still nothing until a curly haired boy saves me from starvation and cold by taking me in his house and taking care of me. Read 'Everything About You' to find out what happens....


10. Kenzie

Kenzies POV

There I was, just sitting there, trying not to fall asleep for the parents of these kids that I`m watching to get home.  I heard the door open and looked at the front door, finally!
"Thank you Kenzie! Here`s your money" Mr. Williams said, handing me my money. I smiled and gladly took it.
"Thank you so much Kenzie!" Mrs. Williams said. 
"My pleasure. Call me again if you need me to baby sit the twins again" I said and waved goodbye, as I closed the door behind me. I took a deep breath and made my way home, it was about a mile walk, but I liked the exercise. When I heard a car park behind me I hugged myself and walked faster. Then the person put a bag over my head. The fuck?
-A few hours later-
The person took the bag off and I looked at where I was. I was in a room, with rooms attached to it, with glass over a wall of them.
"Slave number 229"A voice said. A buzz. "2 million dollars." another buzz, "6 million" again, "20 million" no more. "Going once, going twice" Another buzz "100 MILLION! SOLD!"The voice said and I was escorted out to meet whoever just won me. My blonde hair was a mess for sure, and I`m pretty sure my eyes were a dark gray, as I was sad and angry at the same time. Why am I, a 17 year old girl, being a slave for someone? 

I was escorted to Simon Cowell??? What? 
"Hello, love" He said. 
I hesitated before saying, "Hi. What do you want with me." I asked.
"You, my dear, are a new present. To my boys" He said, I gulped. Does he mean who I think he means?
"O-ok" I stuttered. Simon held out his hand, I took it with a little hesitation. We went to his limo, I sat across from him and tried to listen to what he was saying. The majority of it was that, I`m a present for the One Direction boys, all but Harry apparently. Ok then. Apparently Harry just got himself a girlfriend. 
When we got to a house I smiled, just a regular looking house. Just kidding, it was a fucking mansion! I got out quickly. 
"This is your new home" Simon said, I nodded. I`m really quiet, most of the time. I go in after Simon. 
"Hey boys, here you go! Have a new..." One of them interrupted him. 
"CAR? BOAT? HOUSE? GIRL? LIFE? ALBUM?" He yelled, I tried not to giggle. 
"The girl one" Simon said, pulling me out from behind him. I shyly waved. I looked at the boys, Harry was snogging with some girl on the couch, I hope that`s his girlfriend.  
"Hi. I`m Niall" the blonde one said. I smiled. 
"Liam, don`t get any ideas with any of us expect Nialler" He scoffed and walked off, how rude! 
"Louis. I`m with Liam on this one" Louis said and went into the kitchen. 
"The one on the couch is Harry, and his girlfriend, Becka Black. I`m Zayn!"the one with a black quiff said. "Fine don`t say hi, ot your name!" and he walked out. Harry looked up from the Becka girl and shrugged his shoulders and started to tickle her. Wait... I know her! 
"B-Becka?" I stuttered. 
"Harry, stop, Now!" he stopped and Becka looked at me, I smiled. "Oh my god! Kenzie!" she ran over and tackled me into a hug, I screamed as we went on the floor. 
"Hi to you too! Get off me you big weirdo!" I ordered, laughing. 
"But! I missed you! You bigger weirdo! Oh yeah and Hi!!!!" She screamed in my ear. Niall or Harry cleared their throats and we got up. 
"So your name is Kenzie?" Zayn said from behind me, making me jump. 
"Yeah." I said quietly. Again I`m a quiet person!  
"You`re also very quiet! We MUST change that!" Niall said, making me laugh. This is gonnabe interesting.

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