Everything About You

No one has any idea what its like to be me. I ran away from home because I was being abused by my parents. I have nothing but my clothes, about £100, my guitar, and my hair brush. I now have no money and life sucks. No one helps me, NO ONE! I start to sing to earn money. Still nothing until a curly haired boy saves me from starvation and cold by taking me in his house and taking care of me. Read 'Everything About You' to find out what happens....



Hey guys, so I have made a decision. Congratulations... DRUM ROLL PLEASE! CONGRATULATIONS KENZIE! You`ve won my contest, and I know you read some of my other stories too, ie Not Going This Time. You`ve posted that your name is Kenzie, lol random info. Anyways. You are now OFFICIALLY involved in my story! I kinda wanna have you as a co author as well, so I can have you do some chapters when I can`t or when you want to.  I am so sorry for my other three that didn`t win, but I`m gonna figure out how to incorporate you into the story. Trust me. Ok? Ok! So again, congrats Kenzie! 

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