Everything About You

No one has any idea what its like to be me. I ran away from home because I was being abused by my parents. I have nothing but my clothes, about £100, my guitar, and my hair brush. I now have no money and life sucks. No one helps me, NO ONE! I start to sing to earn money. Still nothing until a curly haired boy saves me from starvation and cold by taking me in his house and taking care of me. Read 'Everything About You' to find out what happens....


2. Don`t Be Afraid

It`s been three weeks since Harry took me in and life has been great to me. Even though Zayn hits on me he`s a great friend. I don`t really talk much, only to Harry who is soooo nice to me and I`m gratful for it. 
"BECKA!" Harry called from the kitchen. I ran down to see what he needed.
"Yes?" I questioned him.
"Hey gurrl heyyyy" He laughed. Harry is such a jokester, mainly to me because I live with him and well he loves me- maybe as a friend maybe not, I don`t know. But what I do know is that he likes having me live with him. 
"Hey dude heyyyy" I said, laughing only a little bit. He chuckled and pulled me close, as in like hugging me- I think.
"Come on! We are meeting the guys at Nando`s. Don`t be afraid of going out in public ok?" He said, and truly I was scared but I couldn`t show it due to Harry makes me feel safe- inside and out. I nodded and he pushed me away, gently. "Go get dressed, miss Pjs!" He chuckled and I playfully punched his arm and ran upstairs. I looked through the clothes that I had brought with me and put on some dark skinny jeans with little rips on them, a light blue tank top and a red flowy crop top with my red converse.  I applied some make up after fighting with Harry about it. He hated when I wore make up but I did anyways. I ran downstairs and right into..... Zayn. God damn this is was a bit awkward. 
"Hey Beautiful"I rolled my eyes and backed away, Zayn pulled me closer. Doesn`t he have Perrie? Why the hell is he hitting on me?
"Let me go Zayn" I struggled to get out of his grip when I was picked up from behind and set down with an arm around my waist. I looked behind me to see Harry. Thank god for that.
"Zayn we were ,meeting at Nandos not my house." Harry spat through his teeth.
"Chill, bro! God I just wanted to see that one." Zayn pointed to me. I tensed up.
"Calm down. Becka. It`s ok. Don`t be afraid." Harry whispered in my ear. I couldn`t ease up when I knew that Zayn loved me. I can tell that by his eyes, everything he did around me told me that he loved me.
"Just come on I`m hungry." I muttered and walked to Harry`s car and got in the passenger seat. Zayn got in his car and Harry got in the driver of his and we started to drive to Nandos.
  I was singing along to the radio which was playing 22 by Taylor Swift. Harry turned it down.
"Hey! I was singing along to that!" I pouted. 
"Sorry babe. Just wanted to hear you more." I leaned over and kissed his cheek. Harry is different from the other boys. I know that before I go to bed I`m gonna tell him why I left, he`s been begging for me to tell him and I refused each time. Eventually he hardly asked me just every once in a while. 
"Stop that! I`m driving" He said and I laughed.
   We met the boys except Zayn in front of Nandos. Niall came up and hugged me. 
"Hey Becka!" He smiled.
"Hey Nialler!" I said back. I wasn`t so shy around Niall either. Louis came up and picked me up, making me laugh - ok really I`m only shy around Zayn because he scares me. "Lou Lou!"I shrieked.
"Ok ok! Put her down!" Harry chuckled.
"Ok lover boy!" Louis said putting me down. I backed up and right into Zayn. Zayn smirked and put his arm around my shoulders. What is he drunk and all the time! I pushed his arm off and stood next to Niall and Harry. 
"Don`t be afraid." Harry whispered into my ear.

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