Everything About You

No one has any idea what its like to be me. I ran away from home because I was being abused by my parents. I have nothing but my clothes, about £100, my guitar, and my hair brush. I now have no money and life sucks. No one helps me, NO ONE! I start to sing to earn money. Still nothing until a curly haired boy saves me from starvation and cold by taking me in his house and taking care of me. Read 'Everything About You' to find out what happens....


3. Becka`s Background

Harry`s POV

  We left Nandos and went back to my house and I was about to go to bed when there was a soft knock on my door. 
"Come in!"I said. The door opened and Becka stood there shaking a bit. Another nightmare. She goes to bed about 9 and she fell asleep on the way back home at about 8:45. She walked over and sat onmy bed, still shaking. I hugged her from the side.
"What`s wrong, babe?" I asked and I really wanted to know, I really care about her.
"I want to tell my background. I ran away because.... my dad came home ever night drunk and beat me. During the day after school I would come home and my mum would beat me. So all night and day I was being beat. So eventually I couldn`t take it I just grabbed my stuff and left. I knew if I even tried to go back my parents would take me and beat me until I was in the hospital and lie about how I got in there.Tell the doctors 'Oh she tripped and fell down the stairs."She started to cry, I held her tight and stroked her hair as she cried her self to sleep and right before she fell asleep she said "I love you Harry" I kissed her head and carried her to her room and let her sleep. Becka`s background is horrible.

Becka`s POV

I woke up the next morning with running makeup all over my pillow. I got up to put more on but decided to just clean my face of makeup. I ran the previous night over and over in my head. I can`t deny what I said was wrong. I do love him. I felt arms wrap around me from behind. 
"Morning, babe." Harry`s husky voice said from behind me.
"Morning, Harry."I replied simply.
"How`s my girl doing today?"He smiled.
"I`m great! How`s my guy doing?" I giggled.
"I`m perfect thank you for asking."I felt his hair on my cheek and it tickled.
"Harry! What are you doing?"I laughed.
"Putting my face in your neck."He chuckled.
"Harry stop that."I groaned. He pulled his face but kept his arms where they were. I removed them and made my way to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal. 
"What`s wrong baby?"He asked. I looked at him, his eyes were full of concern.
"Nothing, honestly. Just thinking of last night." He smirked.
"I love you too" He said which caught me off guard. I stared blankly into his eyes. I chose to ignore that and eat my cereal. Harry grabbed my spoon and waved it over my head. 
"Harry! Give me my spoon!" I groaned. He shook his head.
"Kiss me first!" He smirked.
"No way!" I said and got a new spoon. I ate my cereal and cleaned off my bowl and spoon and went back to my room. Today was a lazy day. YAY! 

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