Everything About You

No one has any idea what its like to be me. I ran away from home because I was being abused by my parents. I have nothing but my clothes, about £100, my guitar, and my hair brush. I now have no money and life sucks. No one helps me, NO ONE! I start to sing to earn money. Still nothing until a curly haired boy saves me from starvation and cold by taking me in his house and taking care of me. Read 'Everything About You' to find out what happens....


6. Another Author`s Note!!!!

Guys, my contest ends on the  May 31st. Ok? Just making sure.Enter Enter Enter! I wanna see how many will enter I`m checking everyday! Every single fucking day. Ha ha. But seriously enter! So far only one person has entered. Btw thank you! Haha i forgot what your screen name and real name were soooooo... YEAH! Talk to you lates! :) ~ Sam xoxo :P

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