How Will I Know?

Carter is a 8th grader and so is her guy best friend Jordan. Cater has been crushing on him ever since he has been going out with Stephanie . Carter doesn't like Stephanie. Jordan has know idea Carter likes him. But is he hiding that he likes her by going out Stephanie? Found out in How Will I Know!


2. Best Morning Ever!

Carter's POV

I woke up this morning to my alarm at 5:30 and got out of my bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. I turned my iPhone on and got a text from Jordan and said "Are you wake sleepy head?".We are at the part of being such good friends we can call each other names and not get affended. I texted back " yes why?" And he replied " I was wondering If you would like to walk to school together this morning?".
And as soon as i got that message i was  confused i thought he would never cause he always walks with Stephanie. But you were so excited but i asked him" But don't you usually walk with Stephanie?" And he replied " yea but shes gonna walk with sarah this morning" and i responded "I would love to walk with you this morning I will be ready by 7 gotta get ready k see you in a bit." I put my phone down and turned the hot water on and got in the shower. After my shower I got dressed in my jeans and favorited striped shirt. Put my hair in a side braid and went downstairs for breakfast. I grabbed a bowl and some Lucky Charms and poured it into the bowl and opened the fridge grabbed some milk and also poured that in. While I was eating my lucky charms I got a text from Jordan that said "on my way" and I replied "ok ". Then put my bowl in the sink than ran upstairs to put on my gray converse and put on make up. Then got my backpack and went outside to wait for Jordan.

Jordan's POV
Yes! I finally asked her!. But I still can't believe Stephanie would ditch me for Sarah. Well anyway I'm almost at Carter's house I'm getting nervous. Why am I nervous? Do I like her ill think about it but I know she only sees me as a friend. While I was walking up to Carter's house she was barely coming out the door. I looked at her and said "good morning carter" and she said " good morning Jordan". I said "let's get there early so we can hang for awhile " and she agreed. It takes us like 10 minutes to walk there so me and Carter started walking and she asked " how are you and Stephanie ?" And I really didn't know what to say so I said " okay we haven't been talking lately" and she just responded "oh ok ". We reached the school and I walked her to her locker and said" I'm going to get my stuff out of my locker ok" and I used that time to figure out if I like carter like that .

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