The choice

If you love someone that your not suppose to what do you do
In this storie Chyenne must make a choice be with the one she love who is a vampire or be what every one taught her to be....a vampire slayer but she knows she must choses wisly if there is not to be war the choice is hers.


1. The save

"it's cold out here to night" I say to my self as I walk home i turn around the corner and keep walking I stop abruptly to a strange noise in the bushes " probable a cat" I said to my self and keep walking. I'm 2 blocks from my house when I feel this wired feeling it was like....some one....was watching me. I speed up a little bit. As I keep walking I hear foot steps...but no was around. I speed up to jog being one block away from my house. I stop to a noise in a ally wondering what it was and letting my curiosity get the  best of me I go check it out...that was my first  mistake I made. 

As I walk into the ally I felt a cold chill go up my spine. I wanted to go back but my curiosity got stronger. I was half way in the ally when someone grabbed me from behind and pinned me to the wall. It was a man."what's a girl like you doing here" he said with a raspy voice " I was just walking home" I said trying to get out of his grasp. But every time I tried it he pushed harder I finally stopped because it hurt. I stop struggling "a pretty thing like you shouldn't be out alone at night" he says stroking from my cheek down to the first button on my shirt "umm if you let me go I will get home" I said with a shaky voice. He chuckled " not going to happen doll face" he starts to unbutton my shirt. I struggle till I felt a sharp pain across my face He slapped me. I winced as the pain spread across my cheek. At this point my shirt was half way  unbuttoned. I felt a tear go down my face. "I don't wanna be raped" I thought to my self. I knew I couldn't do any thing so. I closed my eyes to afraid to look at what he was about to do to me.
I felt the wight left off my eyes closed not knowing why. It wasn't till I heard another voice that I opened them to my surprise it was a guy. Dark hair was all I can see. He said something to the rapist. But I couldn't hear him. He let the man go as the rapist ran away the guy came over i could see his face...dark hair,pale skin (with kinda rosy cheeks) ,deal brown eyes. I was tariffed of what he might do to me  But as i buttoned my short up when he asked " are you okay??" I just nodded "will you be okay to get home??" I didn't answer I was afraid but also confused...'why was this guy helping me??' I thought. he put out his hand to help me up I hesitated to take it but I eventually took it getting to my feet. "you want me to walk you home" I didn't know what to say I didn't what him walking me home but I didn't want to walk alone as well. So I just nodded. "i'm Ian... What's your name?" i looked at my feet for a minute then mumbled "Chyenne." I looked up at him he had a little smile. We started walking once we got out of the ally there was a loud crash. not noticing  I jumped into Ian's arm "it's just a cat" he chuckled. After a minute or two I pushed my self away from him and keep walking. We got to my apartment door with him still by my side I unlocked it looking at him. I oped the door and turned to thank him but when I did he wasn't there...
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