Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


11. Western Pack

Layla's POV

I could tell that seeing his brother again freaked him out. Zayn was the runt of his litter. His brothers and sister were both larger and stronger than him. He was bigger than average wolves but he was small compared to his siblings  Zayn put on a pair of light grey sweat pants. I put on a sports bra and a pair of his basketball shorts. When Zayn said that the guard told him that there were 5 of them I knew who was going to be waiting for us. Zayn was the leader of the eastern pack, southern pack and a entire vampire coven which was home to about 400 elite vampires. The stress would occasionally get to him and he would lock himself away for hours to days to a week at most. I was scary seeing him break down. But he always came through. Every time he would come straight to me, he used to be worried that Liam, Harry, Niall, and Louis would stop taking to him. I was the one who came up with the original 5 run. Ever since Zayn has been more relaxed. He has been kind to every soul, he loves the staff and always compliments them, thanks them. They always are grateful  it always brings a smile to their faces. He even spent a night cooking dinner because he wanted the kitchen staff to have a day off. We grabbed our guns and walked out. I saw Niall and Harry waiting in the hallway. They both had grey sweats like Zayn's on. We then entered the foyer of the coven. We were greeted by 5 faces that I expected... Thanatos, Jack, Marc, Shaphire, and my mother. 

Zayn stepped in front of me instinctively. "Brothers, Sister, Father, and....." 

"Viola, Annabelle's mother." She spat. "I am Layla." I said coldly. She laughed.

"Shaphire how are the 'ritual' rapes going?" Zayn asked. Sarcasm seething from his words. She laughed. "Or has father, Jack, Marc, and Malcolm grown tired of you?" Hatred flowed in his eyes towards the men. 

"My baby brother... Trying to tell me what is right and wrong. When will you learn Zayn our way is the right way." She said calmly. I remember Zayn telling me about the day he left. When he walked in on his father raping her. He wanted her to come with him but she went straight to her father warning him that Zayn was leaving and how he barely escaped with his life. She betrayed him, I hated her for that. 

"I tried to protect you. You don't understand. Sister." He spat she stepped up and got in his face. 

"You try to protect everyone Zayn. I heard you couldn't even save yourself. You needed the sacrifice of your girl. Zayn you are weak you will never be able to protect her or anyone. Face it this 'empire' you have will fall. You will lose you always do." She said coldly. He slapped her. She fell to the ground. I stepped back from him. He was beyond comfort. This was his breaking point. She was screwed. She stood up her cheek already bruising. She tried to hit him but he caught her arm. This time he brought down the back of his hand across the already tender cheek. She screamed. He held her up by her wrist.

" DOES THAT FEEL NATURAL? IS THAT WHAT IS NORMAL FOR YOU? DO YOU LIKE BEING SLAPPED AROUND TOSSED FROM MAN TO MAN! THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS! YOU ARE A SEX TOY FOR THEM ONE DAY YOU WILL BREAK AND BE THROWN AWAY!  I WILL NOT COME TO PICK YOU UP! YOU THINK THAT THEY ARE NORMAL, NO THEY ARE NOT TO THEM YOU ARE NOTHING AND YOU HAVE BEEN SINCE CONCEPTION. YOU USED TO MEAN SOMETHING TO ME BUT NOT ANYMORE. YOU WILL ALWAYS JUST BE THE BUMP ON THE ROAD THAT I HIT, THE ONE THAT POPPED MY TIRE. AS SOON AS I GET A NEW TIRE YOU BECOME NOTHING BUT A STUPID MEMORY! IF I AM SO WEAK THEN WHY AM I LEADER TO TWO WOLF PACKS A STRONG ALLIE TO ANOTHER AND LEADER OF THE MOST POWERFUL VAMPIRE COVEN IN EUROPE? WHY?" He screamed at her. She started to cry. He seemed to feel nothing, he just tossed her to his fathers feet. "Leave NOW!" He yelled they all left. Harry and Niall slowly walked out of the room clearly surprised by his words. I stepped closer to him. I rested my hand on his shoulder. He turned around and looked at me with tears in his eyes. I pulled him into my arms. I felt him crumble and I slowly knelt to the ground with him in my arms. I looked over to see Greta one of the maids standing off in the corner she looked terrified.

"Greta, come her please. Do not be afraid." I called to her she quickly scurried over. 

" Yes?" She asked.

" I need a change of clothes for myself and a blanket for him please." I asked she nodded.

" Ma'am I just would like to say that what that girl said was uncalled for. I know it is not my place to be nosing into the affairs of royals but she does not seem to understand everything that he does for all of us. And Layla remember he loves you. I've never heard him say it but the was he looks at you, its obvious." She said before rushing to get what I asked. Zayn's sobs were violent and quiet. He was shaking. I was gently rocking him, I had never seen him this broken, it scared me. I knew that he had to grow up fast with his family. He never got the chance to handle sadness, loss, grief before. Now all of it came rushing back at him, he didn't know to deal with it. His sobs got worse, they became loud and even more violent. With each sob I could feel his rib cage rattle. It was destroying him. "GUARD" I screamed. A guard ran into the room. "Quick fetch Violet for me. Hurry if you have to carry her down to make it fast so be it. Tell her Zayn needs help." I said frantically, he ran off. Greta came back with the items and two other maids behind her. 

" Greta thank you." I said in tears. One of the maids told me to lay him down I did as she asked. I was crying into the arms of Greta. 

"Ma'am you best not look. He is beyond the help of Violet." She said. 

"NO NO NO She can help him! She can save him." I sobbed. 

"She is right child. There is too much damage. He can be saved but the method is quite gruesome " Violet rubbed circles on my back. "What ever it takes just bring him back." I cried. I watched as the two maids had two guards put shackles on his wrists and ankles. They held him down. The maid put a cloth over his face. She poured a small bucket of water over his face. I heard him choke and cough. After a few seconds the shaking started again. They now slowly dumped a larger pail over him. I heard him cough and choke again. It killed me. Soon he stopped moving. His chest was rising slowly. He had passed out. The maids removed the cloth and shackles. The wiped up the water. I watched Zayn lie on the floor unconscious. I shifted and wrapped myself around him. We were sitting the way we were on the very first night we slept together. I put my head on his lap. Thats when I heard someone walking. I guessed it was a guard or part of the staff. "I'm so sorry Zayn." I heard a girl whisper. I looked up and noticed Shaphire kneeling in front of us. I let out a deep protective growl. She gasped and slowly backed away. I got up slowly and shifted putting on Zayn's t shirt. "What do you want?" I hissed. Stepping closer to her.

"He was right. He always has been right." She said. 

" I know from the moment I saw you I realized that you were everything he described you as. You almost killed him. What makes you think you can come in here asking for forgiveness when you nearly killed him. What makes you think that you can come in here and do that. I have every reason to tear you apart right now." I spat. She crawled backwards. I laughed. " You don't deserve to die. You get to live and remember what you did." 

"Z-Z-Zayn." Was all she said. I turned around and saw Zayn standing behind me. 

"I told you I wasn't going to pick you up and I won't. Now leave before I call the guards, and you can rot in jail." He spat. 

"Zayn, please one chance. Give me one chance to prove to you. I love you Zayn. Don't kick me out." She begged.

Z- Should we believe her?

L- Zayn she wasn't there when you fell apart. 

Z- I know. You were. Should we trust her?

L- If you want to give her a chance give it to her. But if she hurts you it will be my job to kill her. 

Z- And that is why I love you.

He kissed my cheek. " One chance. You will not address me by brother, bro friend or even aquatint  It will be Zayn, Sir understand. You will treat Layla with respect. You will not speak unless spoken to. As far as I am concerned you are a charity case. You will not call upon any of the staff to do your bidding, you will treat them with respect. You will sleep under lock and key. Guards will be posted at any possible entrance or exit. You are forbidden to shift. Am I clear." Zayn said coldly.

"Yes, Sir. Thank you." She said quietly. 

"HARRY!" Zayn called. Harry emerged from around the corner. With tear stained cheeks. "You saw didn't you?" Zayn asked.

"Yes. Zayn I thought I was gonna loose my best mate." He cried. Zayn brought him into  a hug. Harry pulled away. With the same cheeky grin he always wears. Zayn smiled brightly. " Can you bring her to the room I set up?" He asked. Harry nodded. The walked off into a dark hallway. "Was I really that bad?" He asked me. 

"Honestly?" I asked he nodded.

"Zayn you were dying. I felt you rib cage shake. Your cries closed your air ways. Your body was shutting down. I was so scared. Zayn they had to use water boarding torture on you. I love you so much." He brought me into a hug. I stood there in his arms. I grew tired, he picked me up. As we were walking to our room I fell asleep in his arms. 

Zayn's POV

I didn't remember everything that happened after they left. But the parts I do were painful. It hurt so much. I remember one thing though it was when Greta talked to Layla. It made me stay strong. Layla and I were half wolf have vampire we were the bridge between the two races.  I was holding her in my arms once again. I was walking up the stairs when I was stopped by Violet and Edward. Violet sighed with relief. "Zayn your all right." She breathed.

"Yah I am Gran... or at least I hope so." I said.

"What you did to that girl.... It is the talk of the coven. Zayn who was she?" Edward asked. "Come I will tell you." I said they followed.

"In case you haven't noticed everyone in my family in wolf form is bigger than me. I am the runt. I lived as a part of the Western pack for 16 years. It was my sisters 16th birthday and I went to he tent to wish her a happy birthday. We were so close. I saw my father on top of the naked body. I heard about things like that but you know the term seeing is believing. My father invited me in. Her told me to try her. I couldn't, I told him only if he left the tent. He left. I gave her back her clothes. I told her to run with me, I told her that it wasn't right. I loved her. I wanted to protect her she was going to run but our father came back. He started to hit her and scream at her for putting her clothes back on. I stepped in between them. He grabbed me and threw me across the room. She screamed that I was going to run away and that I was forcing her to come with me so I could get her to myself. My father called the men of the camp and told them what she told him I ran. They easily caught up to me. I can never forget the feeling of their teeth ripping at my flesh while I saw her watching, doing nothing, she didn't even cry for me. He told them to let me go, to let me be a gift to the buzzards and scavengers from him. I made it about 5 km when I crossed the border. Almost instantly a 16 year old Liam and Niall came across me. They helped me. I will be forever in debt to them, I will never forgive or forget her and how she betrayed me. When she accused me of being weak something dangerous and violent was released. She was the weak one that night. I almost died for her. She was just a stupid child. My family is fucked up I know." I finished by the time I finished putting Layla in bed. 

"Zayn... I didn't know I will put this talk to a stop at once." Edward said.

"Ed I do not need that. If you do people will start to ask questions. I do not need pity, if they fear me let them." I said. Violet and Edward pulled me into a hug.

"You are the strongest person we know Zayn." Violet said. I chuckled "Then you don't know very many people." They laughed before leaving. Turned around to see Layla standing right in front of me. I pressed my lips to hers. I placed my hands on her hips, she intertwined her fingers in my hair. I placed my lips to her neck, I found her sweet spot and sucked on it. She let out a moan. I smiled into her neck. 

Z-Looks like I'm not getting any sleep tonight

L- Not a chance Malik.

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