Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


6. Vampire

Zayn Pov

Salty, red liquid filled my mouth every time I tried to cough. Layla came to me, she didn't seem to care about the blood because she pulled me into a kiss. Her body was trembling  I pulled her close to me. Her sweet sent filled my nostrils. I looked up and saw the vampire that saved me. 

"I'm Violet." The woman said.

"Zayn. I don't need any explanations right now. I need you to leave us." I said coldly. She said nothing. She just turned on her heels and ran. Layla was in my arms, still shaking. I put my hand on the back of her head and stroked her hair. If Eliot came near me again I would rip his head off. 

"Zayn... it hurt..." She whispered. I knew exactly what she was talking about. I left a tear fall and her her close. She fell asleep, I started to gently rock her. Each breath was long and soft. The air soon got crisp and cold. I stood up with her and walked into the woods. I found a small den a hill I set her down in it the shifted. I crawled into it. That night I never slept, I stared at the entrance prepared for anyone to come. Halfway through the night Layla let out a whimper. She started to cry I tried to wake her up but she wouldn't. She started to talk.

"leave him alone." she cried. A tear slipped out of my eye. "ZAYNNN!" She screamed. I barked. She woke up teary eyed then latched herself to my side. 

Z- Shhh. Layla its okay.

"your alright?" She asked. I pulled her closer.

Z-Yes I am. I'm right here Lay. What happened?

" Zayn. I dreamt about Thanatos coming back. The other night you ordered me to stay then your perfect white fur was all red. You whispered 'Help Me' I did. I caught him at the throat. I didn't kill him because his whole pack was there. I scared him off and when I looked back at you. You had shifted. You in human for lying there scared me. I tried to wake you up but you didn't I thought you died. Zayn I can't loose you. I love you too much. Even loosing you in a dream hurts because in those moments it feels so real." She cried. I was crying now too. I wrapped myself around her tighter. 

Z-Layla, If Thanatos ever sets foot near you I will personally tear him apart. I love you and I'll never leave you.

She mumbled into my coat. I didn't know what she said but soon after she was asleep. She didn't deserve all of this, she deserved a normal human life, where werewolves and vampires didn't exist.

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