Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


13. Trust

Layla's POV

It has been 1 whole year since we let Shaphire come and stay. Zayn is less trusting then I am. But I still see him opening up a little more each day. He calls her sister every once in a while with out disgust in his tone. He has let her call him brother again. Today Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and I are taking Shaphire out for a run. It will be the first change she has made in over a year. I am worried that something bad is going to happen. My thoughts were inturupted by a knock at my door.

"Come In." I said. The door opened to show Shaphire. She was covered in blood. She was crying. I ran over to her. "What happened? Whose blood is this?" I frantically asked.

"Z-Z-Zayn told m-m-me to g-g-g-get read-d-dy for a pre run. He told me he wanted me to run a little first cause he wanted me to keep up. a-a-a-as soon as I shifted i-i-i h-h-heard him. Layla I was so stupid for running away a year ago. HE FUCKING FOUND ME!" She cried. It was at that moment I realized I could trust her. 

"Where is Zayn?" I asked calmly. But inside I was freaking out.

"Thanatos said he was g-g-g-going h-h-home." She stuttered. I grabbed her by the wrist.

"Shaphire breathe we are going to get him back. Go get Harry and Louis, I will get Niall and Liam. Met in the foyer in 5. Now" I said she ran out of the room. I raced to the boys room and pulled them downstairs. Explaining everything on the way. Niall was now alfa with me. I called on the rest of the Southern and Eastern pack. I called to the North and they came too. I was standing at the top of the stair case. We had about 10 vampires ready to help us, and about 30 wolves ready. I told them our goal. 1. Get Zayn 2. Kill Thanatos. 

I was the only black wolf. I ran ahead of everyone else taking Zayn's true place. We crossed the borders. We were in western territory. Shaphire led us to the camp.


Z- Get away LEAVE NOW!

L- What is wrong?

Z- Let me go. Please let me die Layla.


Z- i love you so much.

And thats when I heard Zayn's human screams. I looked in the direction of the sreams. When I followed them I came to a clearing. Zayn had a pair of basketball shorts on. Blood flowing out of him. A new wolf would come up to him and bite him or slice at him. 

Z-I told you to leave. I'm dying. Please just go get out while you still can. If you stay you will hurt me more than th-

He was cut off by his own scream. Anger rushed through me. I ran into the clearing and grabbed the wolf by their next and ripped at it. Another attacked me but I flipped around and killed it too. Suddenly all of my reinforcements attacked. With in seconds the fight was over. We won. I found Thanatos. He looked at me with terror. I lept at him. I was tackled to the side by my own mother. I fought her violently. eventually Liam knocked her off and killed her. I looked around in search for Thanatos but he was gone along with Zayn's brothers. I looked over to where Zayn was, but he was gone. I suddenly was attacked from the side. I looked up to beautiful brown eyes and a white coated wolf.

Z- You are the most stubborn wolf I have ever met.

L- I know and that is why you love me.

Z- Yah not gonna argue this time.

L- Better not.

Lo- OHHHH sassy today. 

Z- great.... how did you find me?

L- Shaphire.

S- Zayn...... 


Zayn jumped her playfully. I laughed.

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