Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


3. Mom?

"Annabelle." My mother whispered.

I'm Layla.

"Oh Layla I see that Zayn has a pet name for you." She said. "Malcolm wants you to come with me." 

What do you mean?

"Layla you are my daughter. You rightfully come to my pack." She laughed. "Malcolm is your grandfather he wants to meet you in wolf form. Now come dear, you have had enough fun with them." She finished and directed her attention to Zayn. 

No. I will not leave him. I will not desert my pack.

She laughed. I then saw 5 other wolves emerge from the woods. One was much bigger than the others. Like Zayn he had to be the alfa. "Thanatos see what damage your son has done." She said to the red wolf. He shifted and my mother handed him some pants. He started to walk closer to us. I growled again. 

"Hush child. Do not fear me I have come to save you from my son." He said. Zayns eyes shot open ans he stood up to face his father. "Zayn. Give me the girl." Thanatos spat. 

"I claimed her she is mine. You cannot have her." Zayn said coldly. 

"Her blood line runs deep within my pack boy. She deserves to be in her family pack." Thanatos' gaze never left me.

" She does not deserve a life of abuse, violence, and most of all she does not deserve to be used as a tool for sex. Thanatos she is mine and will forever be mine till I die." Zayn spat. 

"That can be aranged." And with that the two men shifted and started to tear at each other. I wanted to help. 

Z-Layla stay. This is my fight.

L- Zayn no. 

Z- Layla Listen to me please. I love you.

L- Zayn I love you too.

A tear slid out of my eye and down my nose. Thanatos' fur was now a deeper shade of red. Zayn had blood all over him. I watched at his strenght slowly drained from him.

Z- Help me Layla.

And with that I jumped inbetween Thanatos and Zayn. My mother screamed and Thanatos stopped.

T- Move stupid girl.


T- Now let me finish him. His blood is so sweet.

Thanatos licked his lips and I lunged forwards. I caught him by the throat. I bit down hard. He yelped and whimpered in pain.

L- If I let you live, you will take you pack far away from here. And never come back because if you do I won't hesatae to rip your throat out. 

T- Fine. Let me live.

I released him and he got up. With that he ran off with his pack following. I turned around to see Zayn in human form lying on the ground motion less. I whimpered and nugged him. He stayed motionless. I let out a howl then wraped my self around Zayn. He looked so vulnerable the way he layed there. I fell asleep. I woke up in the morning in human form. I heard branches snap and I shifted. I then realized that Zayn was missing. I freaked out. I started to pace when I saw a white coat emerge from the edge. I attacked him fully knowing that it was Zayn.

L-How dare you do that?

Z- do what?

L- i hate how cocky you are and why didn't you let me know you were awake. I was terrified. Zayn.....

I got off of him and shifted into human form. I broke down crying. He came up to me and licked my cheeks. He wrapped himself around me. His fur was soft and warm. I snuggled deeper into him. Thats when Liam burst into the clearing. "Hi Li." I said. He nodded then he went behind a tree and shifted.

"Zayn coast is clear. Winter is coming early and the town thinks something is up. We might need to stay in wolf form for a few months to be safe." Liam said. Zayn gave him a look as if to say I'm busy go away. Liam walked back into the forest. I was soon hidden in Zayn's wolf form. He was soft and warm. Soon enough I fell asleep.

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