Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


4. In the woods

Zayn's POV

Last night was such a blur. All I really remember was when she stood up to me. Then I remember falling asleep with her. Then comes the part I see clearly. Thanatos coming into my territory asking for her. I knew I could never win against him and yet I did. I know Layla had to have stepped in at one point. I must have asked her too. Because soon enough I saw her coming over to me. Thats when I blacked out. The one thing I learnt last night is that I imprinted on Layla. She is my world my everything. She seems so vulnerable in human form. Right now she is curled up in my fur. I had to teach her how to control her shift better because we will be wolves for the winter. The one thing that scares me the most with her is the wolf hunters. They always go for the pups in hopes to exterminate our race. Little do they know the vampires are the biggest problem. 

"Awe little dog protecting a human. Cute" I heard a voice say. I looked up. I snapped at him. He must have been either a wolf hunter or a vampire. They both learned how to have no smell. "Girl me the girl and I might let you live." He snapped... wolf hunter. Now I could see the tazer in his hand. I snapped at him again when two more wolf hunters stepped into the clearing.

"Ray stop playing with the thing. Change!" One of them yelled and tossed me a pair of pants. I shifted and put them on. I went to go back to Layla but she was with one of the hunters. She was still fast asleep, and now in they arms of the one named Ray. "Boy what is your name?" He asked.

"What does it matter?" I spat. 

" because I need to know why you have a naked girl wrapped up in your fur sleeping?" The woman said.

" Zayn. And I heard screams and I raced towards them. I stepped out of the bush to see a man violating this poor girl and I scared him off. I walked over to her in wolf form and she didn't run in fact she came closer to me." I lied. 

"Zayn, have you imprinted yet?" She asked. Shit i thought if they find out its her I'm screwed.

"No." I lied again.

I heard some soft moans coming from Layla. I looked over and saw her flutter her eyes open. She looked up to the wolf hunter and screamed. She pushed her self out of his grasp and fell. She quickly got up and ran to me. She tripped and this time I caught her. She buried her face into my bare chest. I held her tightly. I heard the female wolf hunter laugh.

"He lied to us." My head snapped up and I looked at her. "He has imprinted and it's on that girl. A little human. How pathetic." She laughed. I was furious.

"Go. You have the information you need. Leave us." I spat. The hunters laughed. I suddenly felt a sharp pain at the base of my neck. I cried out. It was a modified tazer. They know since we are not human we heal faster, so they keep the volts fixed.

"Stop. Please stop your hurting him." I heard Layla cry out. I tried to see but my vision was blurry. Thats when the current stopped. I knew that it would start again soon. "I love you Layla." I managed to say before the electricity started to flow through me once again. I could hear her cry's. 


Layla's POV

Zayn was in so much pain. I squirmed in the grasp of the hunters. He was shaking violently on the ground. I heard him whisper I love you. Tears flowed out of my eyes. I was begging and pleading for them to stop.

" Little girl he is a monster. A animal that should be put down." One said.

"NO HE ISN'T. I LOVE HIM. LEAVE HIM ALONE PLEASE. TAKE ME JUST LET HIM GO." I cried. The looked at me with confused expressions. 

" What do we need with a human?" The woman asked. God she was stupid.

"I'm not a human! I'm like him! Please take me and let him go. Please I beg you." I pleaded. The woman turned off the tazer and Zayn went limp. I was let go and I ran over to him. "Zayn. Zayn wake up. Come on baby. Please wake up." I shook him. He let out a soft groan. I watched as his muscles relaxed and I saw his eyes flutter open. 

"Layla?" he asked.

" yes. yes Zayn I'm here." I said tears flowing down my cheeks hitting his chest . I was now holding him. "I thought I would never see you again." He whispered. I felt his hand reach around my neck pulling me in for a kiss. I soon felt his warm lips on mine. I know its cliche but sparks went everywhere. We were pulled apart. Confusion was written all over his face. I let a tear slip down my cheek.

"Layla what did you do?" He asked his voice full of anger.

" She gave her self up for you." Ray said while laughing. I saw him try to fight off the hunters to get to me. 

"Layla shift." The woman ordered. I did and that was my chance to call the boys. Instantly I heard their voices

H-Layla what happened?

L- Hunters.

Lo- Shit where is Zayn.

L-With me he is fine. He is really pissed I think he wants to kill me right now.

H- No he doesn't he looks at you as if the sun shines out of your ass.

"I do not." Zayn yelled.

Li- Yah Zayn you do.

N- I think Zayn imprinted.

H-Really Zayn?

"Yes I did now shut the fuck up!" He screamed. The hunters had now got him tied down. I fought against the restraints. The hunters started to walk towards me. I stood my ground and growled. Waiting for the boys. 

H- the party is here!

Lo- Harold not the time.

H- but boo bear.

L- Stop fucking around

Thats when I saw a deep chocolate brown wolf emerge from the woods. Soon a copper colored wolf followed. They growled. The hunters turned. Thats when I saw Liam freeing Zayn. Once he was  free they all shifted. Niall stepped out beside me. The hunters were now out numbered.

"We will leave you in piece for now but don't think this is over." The woman said. The pack closed in.

Z-Layla leave now. I don't want you to be hear right now.


I turned around and ran. I was maybe 4 km away when I heard screaming. I knew what they did. I knew now what Zayn didn't want me to see. I found a small area that was covered by trees and rocks. I crawled into the space and started to cry. I stopped after a few moments remembering that's it was either going to be us or them. Darwinism. I knew Zayn had to do that. I listened to my surroundings. Thats when I heard Liam and Zayn.

Z-Liam where did she go?

Li- I don't know man. So did you really imprint?

Z- Yes. I tried to fight it but I couldn't. 

Li- Well Layla is a good wolf and she is quite pretty.

Z- She is more than that. She is my everything. When I found out that she gave herself up, I knew that if they killed her I would die too. Liam I love her. It is hard to explain. I feel different when I'm around her. I fucking cried in front of her. Like honestly I don't know how she does it but she just changes me. 

Li- Yah I've noticed when I see you with her you aren't the cold hearted killer that you normally are. Like when you first met her normally you would have killed them on the spot but you stopped. When she yelled at you, you backed down. Man it's really cute. You are like a marshmellow.

L- Liam stop teasing him.

Z- LAYLA! where are you.

L- not telling but i'm gonna stay here for the night.

Z- Please Layla. Tell me. You can stay but let me stay with you. The boys are going hunting.

L- Zayn go with them.

I shifted back. I didn't want them to hear my thoughts. I hid farther into the hole. Thats when I saw him in front of the entrance. 

Z-Layla Liam left I know you are in there. Can I come in please.

He asked. "okay." I whispered. He heard me and crawled in. He nudged me to the center and I cuddled into the center. His warmth filled me. 

Z-Layla what is the matter?

"I'm sorry"

Z-About what?

"For earlier. I just couldn't see you hurt. It tore me apart. I love you more than life itself." A tear fell out of my eyes and landed on his snow white fur. He immediately tensed around me.

Z- Layla. I know. I know. I love you. But please never do that again. I would rather die then live and know that you died for me. Layla I imprinted on you. I can't live without you. You are the air I breathe. I love you so much, you will never fully understand. 

"I love you too Zayn. I've loved you since I first saw you." I said. I laid down and placed my head on his front paw. He pushed me closer to him and moved so my head was soon on his neck. His big fluffy whit tail covered the remainder of me. I fell asleep with him again. I felt safe with him, he


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