Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


14. Imprinted

Zayn's POV

I walked into my room to grab a shirt when Liam walked in with my sister. "Hey what's up?" I asked. Liam went kinda pale and Shaphire decided to hide behind Liam. "Guys you are kinda of scaring me...." I said.

"Zayn we need to tell you something.... but promise not to be mad." Liam said. Now they were freaking me out. "Did something happen to Layla?" They both laughed a little. Liam shook his head no. 

"Well I sorta.....imprintedonShaphire." He said the last part really quick. "Say it again except slower." I said.

"I imprinted on your sister. I love her." He said trying to sound strong but I knew that there was the possibility that I would snap.

"That's cool mate just treat her right and no need to worry I'm not going to rip you apart." I said. I hugged Liam and he sighed in relief. Shaphire seemed very happy we got her to come in on the group hug. I told them to leave and go get dressed. I was picking through some pants and chuckled to myself. Layla walked in.

"Zayn I need to tell you something." She said.

"Shoot." I said.

"Well my mom had a child to Thanatos.... and I sent a party back to search for survivors and they found a small child. Zayn the child has nowh-" She said but I cut her off.

"Of course we can keep it and raise it." I said a smile grew on her face then she opened the door and a child of about 3 years came running in. She ran up to me and I picked her up. 

"Daddy?" She asked. Instantly a tear ran down my cheeks. This child was so innocent. I nodded "Yes. Daddy." I set the child down. She ran to Layla and was screaming mommy. I laughed while picking out a pair of jeans and a plain grey t shirt. Layla walked out with the girl then came back in. I wrapped my arms around her. "I love you so much Zayn. I thought you were going to turn it away because of the father, and mother." She said I held her tigher. "Never in a million years. And Liam imprinted." She pulled away and had a sly grin on her face. "With Shaphire?" I nodded. She laughed then put on a pair of leggings, uggs, and one of my jumpers. We walked out of the room. As we did so did Liam and Shaphire. She came out changed. 

"And how long have you been in this room?" I asked with a cheeky grin. 

"Well ever since to took away the locked door and guard I have been going in the this room." She said while looking at the floor.

"Wow Liam what a badass. " Layla stated he stuck his tongue out at her. We all laughed. "Remember to keep it down." I said. Shaphire punched my arm and I pretended to be hurt, Layla played into the act and Shaphire got really freaked out. Liam tightened his grip around her. "Assholes leave her alone." He  said while laughing. Layla and I pecked each other on the cheek. "Whats the girls name?" I asked her. "She said her name was Fia." She said. We reached the bottom of the stairs and saw Violet set Fia down. She ran as fast as her little feet could take her.

"DADDY!" She screamed. She jumped into my arms. All the boys looked at me and at Layla. I laughed and pecked Fia on the cheek. "I saw grandma and grandpa!" She exclaimed  I laughed. "You did?" I asked in the same tone. She nodded her head. God this kid was the cutest.

"Zayn since when do you have a 3 year old kid?" Harry asked.

"Since we found her earlier to day. We took her in as our own. When in truth Layla and I are her brother and sister. But too her we are Mom and Dad." I said proudly. Shaphire was the first one to hold her. Then Harry, Louis, Niall , Liam then back to me. Layla had went to talk to her father and James. She looked really happy. Things were finally turning around. We have a adorable little girl, I have my sister back. The boys and I are back to normal, Layla has her father and James back. We all went in for dinner. Fia sat on my lap the whole time.

L- Zayn you are amazing with her.

Z- Thanks I just love her so much.

L- I noticed. I haven't gotten a chance to hold my daughter.

Z- Opps sorry.

She giggled. " Fia do you want to go sit with Mommy?" I asked. She jumped off my lap and ran to Layla. We laughed. Edward was talking to me about how happy he was with the way I had been running everything. He mentioned on how much he loved Fia. I was happy Fia went from possible growing up with a violent future to being loved. I saw Shaphire look at her with almost a longing look. "Shaph whats wrong?" I asked her.

"I just wished I could have had the same chance she is getting. I am so happy for her." She said.

"Yah but just think everything is better now. We are great, you have Liam and you are an aunt. Shaph let go of the past." I said. She smiled at me. Liam held her hand. " He is right." Liam said. She nodded. Soon enough dinner was done and we continued to talk. The doors to the room burst open and in walked my father and two brothers. "Layla get Fia out of hear." I said under my breath. She got up and started to walk towards an exit.

"Layla dear do not leave. It is not safe to wander in dark corridors on your own." Jack said.

"What do you want?" I spat.

"I want my daughters. Zayn I'm sure you know where they are." My father said coldly. 

"DADDY! I WANT DADDY!" Fia screamed. She got out of Layla's grasp and ran to me. I picked her up. "Shhh. Sweat heart you have to be quiet." I said to her. She nodded.

"Well it seems that all of my daughters seem to take a liking to you. First my eldest who turned you in, only to come crawling back. And then my youngest, who now thinks that you are her father. How pathetic." He spat.

" You need to leave now. Layla come take her." I said. Layla grabbed Fia. Fia had her eyes on me. I hated it. If it came down to it she would either see me kill Thanatos or be killed. Liam had Shaphire stand behind him. Layla and Fia hid behind Harry and Niall. 

"Brother you can hit girls and beat them but that proves nothing. Whether or not you can beat a real man is a true test of strength." Marc spat. He ran at me before he could shift I grabbed his throat and threw him down. He gasped for air. I soon felt a set of jaws sink into my shoulder. I fell backwards. I heard Violet scream. I struggled in Jacks jaw. Thanatos stood over me and laughed. 

"Let him live to see me kill his precious girlfriend." He spat. Jack dropped me and turned me so my back was facing the roof. I went to get up but soon felt his teeth ripping into my neck. I watched as Layla handed Violet Fia then I saw her shift. Liam and Shaphire did the same Liam and Shaphire ran to me. I watched as Liam jumped at Jack. He let go and as Liam's body collided with his. Shaphire had already killed Marc. She turned her attention to Jack. I stood up and shifted. Thanatos was viciously fighting with Layla. Harry and Louis saw me and shifted. We all knocked Thanatos over. We tore at him viciously. He died quickly. I looked over and saw Layla lying on the floor. She was breathing properly. I licked her face and she opened her eyes. I shifted back.

"It's all over." I said. She smiled and hugged me. Edward sent Greta to fetch some clothes for all of us. She quickly came back with 2 t shirts and 5 pairs of sweats. I put them on. Layla put her t shirt on. It was quite big and ended just above the knees. Fia ran over to us. "MOMMY!" She screamed while jumping into Layla's arms. "Daddy you're hurt." She said touching my neck. It sent a white hot pain through my body. I screamed and fell. Violet this time had rubbing alcohol. they made me sit on a table this time.

"Fia I need you to go with mommy ok?" I said.

"NO! I wanna stay here. With mommy and daddy." She yelled. I looked at Layla who gave me a look as if to say I'm not leaving you. Violet applied the alcohol. I yelled. 

"Edward could you bring me the vodka please." I asked.

"Zayn we have rubbing alcohol?" Violet said. I laughed.

"Its not for cleaning it. Its for the pain." She laughed, Edward passed me the bottle until Layla grabbed it from me. "You are not gonna drink in front of Fia." She snapped. I sighed in defeat and Violet continued to clean my wounds. 

"Layla so what do you want to do? We do have forever." I said. Thats the one thing. Once a immortal reaches the age 20 they stop growing. She laughed. 

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