Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


20. I'm Sorry

Fia's POV

I walked into the foyer. Everyone's eyes landed on me, and I felt my face flush. Harry walked up to me. "I'm sorry babe I wasn't trying to take anyone's side." He said. "You shouldn't be sorry because you didn't do anything. I messed up I'm so sorry Haz. Will you be my cupcake again?" I asked him. He pulled me into a kiss. We pulled apart. " I never stopped." He whispered. I smiled. I pulled him to the kitchen. 

"Greta. Can I have a really big carrot please?" I asked she gave me a weird look but she gave it to me anyways. "Thanks Greta Food smells great by the way!" I said before leaving. I saw Louis sitting in a corner. Harry asked if I needed him but I said no. I sat next to him.

"Lou?" I asked.

"What? Gonna tell me to screw myself again?" He said coldly. It hurt but I deserved it.

"No. Lou I was a bitch,I'm so sorry. Please... I brought you a c-" I was cut off by him.

"CARROT!" He screamed. I giggled and handed it to him.

" Will you forgive me?" I asked he smiled. He pulled me into a side huge.

" I forgave you as soon as you said it last night. But Kevin, well he is still a little upset. He needs a carrot every morning." I laughed at his comment. He stood up then helped me up. When he grabbed me he grabbed my wrists. I winced at the sharp pain. He slid the sleeve of the jumper up. He say my bandages. Before I could stop him he peeled them back to reveal my cuts. He inhaled sharply.

"Who did this?" He asked.

"I did..." I said while looking down. He covered them up and pulled my sleeve down. I looked down to the ground not ready to see his face. I felt myself being pulled into a hug. He held me tightly and swayed back and forth. Louis was soon called over by Niall. He left me without saying another word. 

"He saw?" Zayn asked. I jumped a little not knowing he was behind me. I nodded. 

"Saw what?" Layla asked while walking up to us. I froze. I told her nothing but she didn't believe me. I sighed and walked off, Zayn told her that when I was ready to tell her then I would tell. I wasn't hungry anymore. I walked out of the coven into the yard. I inhaled slowly. The cool air seemed to burn my lungs. I shifted.

Z- Wait for me. 

F- How did you know I shifted?

Z- Because I used to do the same thing when I was stressed.

F- Why does Liam have to be fucking right all the time?

Li- Heard that.

F- Whatever.

Z- Okay I am right behind you.

I looked behind me to see a massive white wolf. White wasn't exactly a intimidating color but he was. He had the aura of a alfa. We walked out of the gates.

F- Zayn.

Z- Yeah.

F- Can I see the west?

Z- No.

F- Why ? You lived there so you will know the area it's not like we can get lost.

Z- Fine but stay close. I haven't been there for over 20 years.

He took off I followed closely behind. We ran about 5 km before he stopped. I looked forward and saw darkness. The trees had turned black and seemed to grow into each other. I placed a paw over the line instantly I felt something wrong. Zayn did the same.

Z- Fia. Somethings off.

F- I know I can feel it. 

Z- Well lets go check it out!

F- Seriously. 

Z- Yah if there is anything in here that can hurt my family I have to figure it out.

F- Yah that's the reason.

He laughed at my sarcasm. I knew he just wanted to see what was in this part of the woods. Curiosity killed the cat. We weaved through the trees. Then suddenly we entered a clearing. We moved to the center. Before we knew it we were suspened in the air. I watched as 6 black wolves stepped in. Lastly a 7th walked in. They had a white coat just like Zayn's. One of the grey ones carried a bag. The white one shifted and put on a pair of sweats from the bag. They cut us down and told us to shift. The guy tossed us clothes.

"Zayn Malik?" The guy asked. Zayn stifened at the sound of his name. The guy sent a pang of familiarity through me.

"Who is asking?" Zayn said.

"Oh come on you don't remember the little boy that followed you around before you left." He said.

"Leo?" Zayn asked. Leo nodded. Zayn showed no emotion. 

" Zayn who is this?" Leo asked reffering to me. 

"My daughter. Now back off Leo." Zayn spat. Leo laughed and stepped closer to me. Zayn went to step forward but the other 6 wolves growled deeply and looked at Zayn. Leo wrapped his arm around me. I stepped away but he pulled me back. 

"Get off me." I spat.

"Zayn have you taught her any manners. This little girl has no discipline  Have you forgotten everything Thanatos taught us?" Leo asked. Zayn seemed to cringe at his words. Leo grabbed me by my hair and faced me. I was scared but I never let him see it. He slapped me. I felt the blood rush to my cheek. I grabbed at it but as my hand touched it white hot pain flew through me. 

" Now what did you say?" Leo asked me. 

"Fuck you." I spat. This enraged him. He slapped me again then threw me to the ground. He stepped closer to me.

"I will ask you one more time what did you say?" He spat. I looked over to Zayn.

Z- Be smart Fia.

F- I'm not gonna give him what he wants.

Z- He wants you. No matter what you say he will hit you. Don't piss him off.

"I said Screw you dickhead." I said anger in my voice. Leo looked shocked. Zayn laughed a little at my stupidity. Leo grabbed me a lifted me up. He slapped me but held me up. He continously hit me. Soon my skin broke and my cheek started to bleed. He threw me at Zayn. Zayn helped me up. 

"Leave now and take your bitch with you." Leo spat. We started to walk away. "Goodbye brother." Zayn froze. He turned around and walked up to him. 

"You will never be my brother." He spat. Leo laughed. 

"I have always been your brother. Just like she is our sister. I am not stupid Zayn. Father made his way around. Fia is our sister. I know that you took her in to be your child but whether you like it or not she is your sister." Leo said. I walked up to him a slapped him. Leo looked at me. He was angry. I looked at Zayn and we ran. We weaved our way through the trees.

Z- That was so stupid!

F- I know but worth it.

Z- how are you wrists.

F- Sore but I'm fine.

Z- We will cover them up again okay?

F- Yah.

Z- How is your cheek?

F- It hurts but there will be a bruise.

Z- We'll get some ice for that

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