Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


5. I love you

Z-Babe wake up.

"go away." I mumbled into his side. He chuckled.

Z- Please I need to teach you some things. 

"Fine." I said while crawling out of the hideout I stood up and shifted. I shook out my fur, and waited for Zayn.

Z- Damn I liked the view when you were a human

L- your a animal

Z-but I'm your animal. Now come on I need to teach you what its like to be an alfa. 

L-Wait but your the alfa

Z- yes there is two. Normally a male and a female. But always two. Liam was the other alfa but now you are.

L- Wait I took Liam's spot? Is he mad?

Z- No not at all I imprinted. So the rules are that you become alfa. Even if you are an omega.

I nodded. I still felt pretty bad, I was gonna miss running with Niall. He was a fun guy. Zayn told me to follow him. I ran after. I was soon right next to him. I ran along side him. My paws went farther than his. He snapped at me. I fell back a little. I knew that he would always be in front. The crisp November air whistled through my hair. I looked at Zayn. He seemed so focused on the path ahead.

Z-Layla I have to go talk to some people. Normally Liam would come but are you okay to join me?

L- I'm always read to go with you anywhere.

He nodded then continued until we reached a clearing. I saw 4 guys standing in the middle. "Zayn come out I know you are here." The eldest said. Zayn shifted and told me to. I shifted and he pulled out a long t shirt and handed it to me. He put on a pair of sweats and stepped out of the clearing.

"Eliot. We found 2 vampires in our territory." Zayn said with a threatening tone.

"Yes I am aware. But first where is the other mutt. Why have you brought this one?" Eliot asked.

"She is the new alfa. Sam keep your fangs in she is mine." Zayn snapped. The one that I was guessing was Sam gave a sheepish look. I felt suddenly uncomfortable. I hid behind Zayn. I then felt a pair of cold hands wrap themselves around my waist. I was pulled away from Zayn. 

"Zayn. You are aware of our deal. You aren't allowed to kill our kind and she killed one of us." Eliot spat. Zayn tensed.

"They were on our territory fair game." He spat Eliot chuckled.

"Yes but they did not know about our deal." Eliot said dryly while walking towards me. I was being held by two of the vampires that I didn't know. In human form I was weak. They held me there with ease. Eliot came up to me and lifted my chin to look at me.

"She didn't know about it either. I told her to stay away from you kin. I have already punished her for her reckless actions." Zayn said in a formal tone. 

"Yes from a certain source you tried to but soon backed down. She is your weakness. Zayn you are so foolish. I need to teach you a listen in leading a pack. From what I hear Thanatos runs his pack well, maybe you should try his methods." Eliot said while placing a hand on my face. I flinched at the touch. Every part of my body screaming to get away from him. He dragged his hand down my neck then to my chest. I looked at Zayn. He ran at Eliot. Sam grabbed him by the throat and threw him down to the ground. Eliot grabbed my chest. I let out a cry of pain. Zayn screamed and tried to get to me. Tears slid down my cheeks. Eliot hands roamed my waist. He took a hand a slid it in between my legs. By now Zayn was crying for Eliot to stop. Eliot laughed and continued. He brought me close and pressed he lips to my neck. I instantly found the chance to fight back. I bit his shoulder hard. He yelled in pain.

"Stupid slut." He spat. He walked over to Zayn and violently kicked him. I screamed. 

"STOP!" I heard a voice yell. Eliot froze. He looked behind me and gasped. "Let the poor girl go. And same with our allie."

"Yes mother." Eliot said quietly  I was released I ran to Zayn. Sam moved away from him. I knelt next to him. His side was a dark shade of black and he started to cough. He rolled over and blood came from his mouth. Rage filled me. I went to get up when I felt a hand pull me down. "Don't" Zayn said weakly. 

"Eliot see what you have done to the poor boy." Eliot's mother spat. She was now in front of him. "You almost wrecked the most important alliance we have had in the last 1000 years how dare you." She said. Before he could stop her she struck him in the face. She ordered everyone to go including Eliot. They all left Zayn, Eliot's mother and I alone.

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