Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


15. Happy Birthday

Fia's POV

Today is my 20th birthday. I am finally immortal. Louis and I are the best of friends and Harry and I are secretly dating. I hate going be hind my parents backs but Harry is my dad's best friend. I hurts that we can't share our relationship. I walked down stairs into the living room. Mom and Dad were sharing a arm chair, and so were Liam and Shaphire. Harry and Louis were sitting on the couch and Niall was laying in front of the fire. I sat next to Harry.

"Fia..." My dad started. There was so much tension in the room it made me feel weird. 

"We need to talk to you about something. And its not about you and Harry." My mom said. I shot a look to Harry who was in just as much shock as I was. 

"Fia do you remember about 17 years ago something happened. Something really bad." Dad said. I remembered hearing him scream as I saw a wolf tear into his shoulder. Then neck. The way he cried for one man to leave my mom alone. I remembered him telling me to leave so I wouldn't see him in pain. I remembered the way my mom comforted him.

"Ya I do why?" I asked. 

"Well the three men that were there were my brothers and father." He said. I remembered the way he fought them. 

"NO!" I screamed. 

"Fia listen to them. Those men were horrible people." Shaphire said. I knew they were going some where with the conversation. I worried me. Harry grabbed my hand.

"Fia. Two of them were your brothers.....and the one that tried to kill Layla was your father. We are not your parents you are our sister." Dad said. Tears flooded my eyes. 

"Why?" I asked. 

"How much do you want to know?" Zayn asked. He was crying now. 

"Everything. I want to know what made them so bad. I want to know why you wanted to kill them, why you did. And Zayn you will always be my dad." I said. It was true I loved him he raised me, he was there when I got hurt, he was the one who was there for me when I would get scared. Him and Layla will always be my parents.

"Fia.... I love you so much. And remember you wanted everything so I will give you everything. What ever I tell you don't hold it against anyone. Okay?" He asked. I nodded. He took a sharp breath. "Okay we I used to part of the western pack. It was a violent pack where females we treated like shit. When I was 16 I went to go wish Shaphire a happy birthday. I saw our father on her naked body. I was in shock, I heard stories but never believed them until that moment. He noticed me standing in the door way. He told me to come in and try her. I told him only if he left the room. He did and I threw her clothes to her. I told her to run, to run with me. She agreed then our father came back in. He hit her a started to scream at her for putting clothes back on. I stepped in. I was only 16 I wasn't ready to fight anyone. He grabbed me and threw me across the room. He continued to hit her. She screamed that I was running. That I was going to take her for myself. He looked at me anger radiated off of him. He called all the men in the pack and told them. I ran but I had never shifted before, they caught me easily. I will never forget the feeling of their teeth ripping at my skin. I cried in pain. I looked up to see the one person I loved standing there doing nothing not even shedding a tear. Hatred and anger ran through me. Most of all I felt betrayed. He stopped them and told me to run. He knew as well as I did I would never make it far. I ran. I crossed the border and that's when Liam found me. Him and the boys saved me. On my 17th birthday I shifted I was larger than the boys. The made me the pack leader. And ever since anyone who crossed our border from the west I would kill. Well until I met Layla. She crossed the border and I attacked her. She instantly shifted back to a human. She called herself Annabelle but that was no name for a wolf. I claimed her for our pack. We went through a lot in a few months. I remember the first day with her Thanatos came. He wanted her. I said over my dead body and so he attacked me. He was the largest wolf in Europe  and I was the runt of his litter. That was the day I asked for help since I left the western pack. Layla saved me." He explained. Shaphire was bawling her eyes out silently in Liam's chest. I felt bad for her. She made a mistake and it would always follow her.

"Ren your grandfather found us. He told me that Layla was a hybrid. I was afraid. I never let half breeds, mutts, or hybrids into my packs. Only purebreds. I told her to leave with Ren. I shared my everything with her and it scared me that I actually loved a hybrid. When she left I realized the mistake I made. I ran after her. They stopped and I begged her to take me back. She did. That night we went to the coven. Before dinner we had sex. It was her first time. But there was a law. A law where the uncle of the female was to take the virginity of the girl. But I did. I was turned in. I was to be burned at the  stake. While she was to watch and listen. We went to trial and were convicted of our crime. Layla screamed for them to burn her instead. I screamed for them to ignore her for them to light me and not her. Layla here being the stubborn dog that I love screamed and cried. Edward had only seen that once with himself and Violet. Long story short all charges were dropped and the throne was handed down to us. Later on Jack came to the dining room. We attacked each other. He pinned me down, he said that he would love to have his way with Layla. I lost it. I scared him off. The same night he had the nerve to show up. He brought Layla's mother who was 'with' my father, Shaphire, and Marc. Shaphire called me weak, that I could never protect her or anyone that I could never amount to anything. When she said that something snapped inside me. I slapped her. She tried to hit me but I blocked it. I slapped her again. I screamed at her. I called her worthless, years of anger build up was just let out. I threw her back to my father. They left in shock. When Layla put her hand on my shoulder it took all of my strength to not hit her. My body shut down, completely I couldn't breathe, Layla said she could feel me breaking. I don't want to go into details about it. I woke up with Layla read to ripe Shaphire apart. She came back begging for forgiveness. I let her stay. After a year I finally forgave her. I let her shift for the first time in a year. Thats when we were attacked. Our father only had time to get me. She ran to Layla. Layla found me. Her and the Eastern, Southern and Northern wolves destroyed the western pack. She sent scouts to look for survivors and they found you. She came to me and asked if we could keep you. I said yes and you ran in. Without even pausing you asked me if I was your dad. I said yes and the look on your face I will never forget. Fia remember I love you so much. And with you and Harry. Yah you guys suck at sneaking around at night." He finished. I laughed through the tears at the last part. He had been through so much. I stood up and hugged him. Layla came back into the room.

" Mom I love you so much." I said while hugging her. 

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