Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


9. Guilty

Layla's POV

I woke up in my bedroom. I looked over to see Zayn but he wasn't there. I felt a sob rise in my throat.

"Cousin may I come in?" I heard a unfamiliar voice from behind my down. I said yes and in walked a handsome man. He pulled a chair next to my bedside. "I'm James." He said. I told him my name and we started to talk. My father walked into the room with my grandmother. The both had sad looks on their faces.

" Where is Zayn?"I asked. My father took a deep breath.

"Zayn's mother is royalty, he is like you. But Zayn's mother found out about you two. She ordered the wood to be prepared. She also prepared him to go to trial in front of the oldest vampire alive. If he is found guilty he is to be burned at the stake. In addition if you are found guilty you will be forced to watch." He said. Tears poured out of my eyes. I started to shake. James grabbed me and held me close.

" Who is the oldest vampire?" I asked.

"Our grandfather." James answered. I was crying. Endless tears. My dad said it was time to go down to the trial. James carried me down the corridors to a room. There were benches. And a large chair at the front and center. A smaller one placed next to it. I looked at  a tall door of to the front right corner of the room James sat me beside him and my father. Grandmother went and sat next to the big chair. Everyone went silent and the doors opened. A man stepped in. He looked to be about in his mid 20's. He stood at the front.

"We are here today for the trial of Zayn Malik and Layla Cartel. The broke one of our most sacred laws. We will give them a fair chance. Bring in the boy." And with that the tall door opened and a guard pushes Zayn in. He tripped and fell. He was covered in blood. 

"ZAYN!" I screamed jumping past James. I knelt down and I held him. " I love you don't you ever forget that." At that moment I saw a faint smile. I was violently pulled away from him. I kicked and screamed. My grandfather stood up and grabbed me by my throat. He threw me towards James. I landed hard. He walked over to me and slapped me. "You will never act like that in my presence again." He warned. He arched he hand back to slap me again.

"STOPP!" Zayn screamed. He was struggling against his restraints. 

"Edward do leave the girl alone." Violet said. Edward sat down. 

"Layla. What does your name mean?" He asked.

"Dark Beauty." I replied looking at Zayn.

"Did you and Zayn have intercourse?" He asked.

"Yes." I replied.

" Tell me why." He said.

"Well first because he is hot. Like look at him. Any girl would tap that. Secondly because he is my everything. I feel like the world stops when I am with him. My heart is like a puzzle that is missing a piece. He is the missing piece. With out a piece the puzzle is worthless, but completed it is something. It can be a map, decoration, picture, painting, words. I am nothing with out him. I felt that my virginity is something to be given to the one guy that is perfect for you. It is not something to be stolen. I gave it to him. And with it a promise. A promise that I will love him forever." I answered. I looked over to Zayn who was in tears.

"You may sit Zayn stand up." Edward said. Zayn struggled to stand but he eventually did. "Why did you have sex with Layla." 

"I had sex with her because I wanted to forever make her mine. She is the most beautiful person I have ever met. She has a soul of gold when she speaks I just want to listen. I love her. For me the world doesn't revolve around the sun it revolves around her. I didn't fuck her I made love to her. Everything that I do, say is for her." He said. 

" I have made my decision. Zayn Malik you have been found guilty on all charges. Layla Cartel you too have been found guilty." Edward said. 

"NOOO! Please Grandfather please. Burn me! Kill me instead let Zayn live please. PLEASE don't kill him." I screamed. Edward looked at me shocked.


"Edward no one has ever begged to take the place of their lover, to die for their loved one except for once. Remember that. Remember the love we shared it is like theirs. This boy had four brothers that he leads. This girl is your granddaughter. If not for them but for Me, for your son. Edward these children did not know they did not grow up with our ways." Violet pleaded with Edward. His face softened. He stepped towards me. 

"If you decide to kill one of us kill me. Please ignore Zayn. Kill me, he needs to live. Please Grandfather." I begged. He brought his hand to my cheek. 

"Child you remind me so much of your Grandmother. So much heart. You will have fine children remember raise them well." He said. I stared at him in confusion. He smiled and walked over to Zayn. "Young man. You remind me of myself about 2000 years ago. I loved Violet as much as you love her. Treat her well and raise your children properlly. I do hope you will let me into their lives. I am so sorry for this pain I have put you both through. Key please." Edward unchained Zayn. I looked at him in shock. We ran to each other. He picked me up and spun me around. We were smiling and laughing through the tears. Violet yelled for the doors to be opened. As they were being unlocked Liam burst through. He looked at how happy we were and he ran at Zayn tackleing. I was soon tackled by Niall. Harry and Louis tackled each other causing us all to laugh.

"ATTENTION!" Edward yelled we all stopped. "Violet and I are resigning. We hand the throne down to Zayn and Layla. The will be great leaders." I looked at Zayn who started to giggle. 

"Does that mean I will get thrown in jail if I tackle you?" Niall asked me. I laughed and hugged him.

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