Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


17. First Shift gone bad

Zayn's POV

"Fia hurry up the boys are waiting!" I yelled. God she takes so long to get ready. I let out a heavy sigh before her door cracked open. She was 20 now. Her first shift had to be today. 

"Dad.... I can't go..." She said quietly.

"Why not?" I asked getting concerned. I opened the door to see her in her sports bra and shorts. "I'm hideous." She whispered, I sighed and pulled her into a hug. She started to cry quietly. "Fia we have been over this, you are beautiful. Now we have to go. And don't be nervous. If anything Niall and Lou will probably hit on you to piss Haz off." I said. She pulled away and I wiped the tears off her cheeks.She left the room first and I followed. She kept going but an arm pulled me back. I turned to see Ren. "Zayn where are you going? And why does she barely have clothes on?" He asked. I chuckled at how protective he was. 

"The boys and I are going for a run with Layla and Shaphire. And today will be Fia's first change." I said proudly. He nodded and walked off in the other direction. I spun on my heels and chased after Fia. I reached the gates. I saw Fia lying on the ground holding her stomach. I raced over and picked her up. 

"Zayn?" Layla called after me. I ignored her. Fia was crying. 

"daddy... make it hurts." She cried. The last time she called me daddy was when she was 14. Layla finally caught on to what was happening. We found a clearing and I set her down . 

"Zayn do something!" Layla screamed. " Niall get her out of her. Take her back home." I spat. I have seen the first transformation. It looks worse then it is. Niall picked Layla up and ran off. " Fia look at me. Breath. In. and Out." I said . I held her head in my hands. She no longer could talk. She now could only communicate through the mind.

F- Dad make it stop

Z- I can't it will be better soon.

F- It hurts so much. Please.

H- Fia we know it does it will be alright. It will only hurt this one time.

F-Hazza I love you.

H- I know. I love you. 

F- I can't do it. Every part of me screams for me to shift but I can't.

" Harry we are in deep shit." I said. He looked at me. "Haz she needs motivation. She needs to have something to push her mind set into place." We knew what we had to do. " Zayn I can't bite you." He said. " Yes you can and you will, I am the alfa so you do what I say. He shirted and we met each other in the clearing.

H- Fia. If you do not shift Zayn will die.

F- Haz you wouldn't dare.

H- I half to.

Harry bit down on my shoulder. I screamed. Fia stood up anger replacing the pain. Harry noticed and clenched his jaw causing me to scream again. Fia jumped at Harry. He instantly realized me. I shifted and looked over. A beautiful crimson wolf was at Harry's throat.

Z- Fia let go of Harry.

F- Why he tried to kill you?

Z- Only because I told him to. You needed motivation to change so we gave it to you.

F- You two are sick bastards.

H- Love you too

F- Love right now love is a strong word. I tolerate you two right now.

I got our pack into formation. Harry and I up front the Liam and Shaphire then Louis and Fia at the back. We reached the clearing near the southern border. Liam and Shaphire sat down and cuddled up to each other while Harry and Fia were playing childish games. Something in my mind didn't feel right. 

H- Whats wrong?

Z- Somethings off. Liam take Louis and Shaphire to go get Niall and Layla.

Li- Okay.

H- Zayn what are you thinking?

Z- Its really quite. It just doesn't feel right.

H- Fia change. 

F- No. I don't want to.

H- I don't give a shit listen to me shift and hid between Zayn and I NOW!

Fear spread across her face. Harry never rose his voice at anyone. I knew he sensed that something was wrong. Normally I would have guessed vampires but they were no longer a threat. The last threat was hunters. I was right. Fia clutched onto Harry's side like a child. At first only one hunter stepped into view. 

"Give us the human." He said. He had to be only 17 years old.

" Jason. Here are some clothes change and then we can talk." A woman said. I shifted and put on the pants. I told Harry not to shift. "What is your name son? You can't be more than 19."

"my name is Zayn and I am 20." I hissed. Jason laughed. As he did about 8 other hunters stepped into the clearing. Jason walked up to me and went to hit me. I blocked it and contacted my fist to is stomach. I soon felt several hands knock me down. Jason stood up straight. 

Z- Fia what ever you do don't shift. Listen to me. That is the only way we might make it out alive.

F- I love you

Before I could respond I felt a sharp pain in my side. Shackles were being on my wrists and ankles.  Jason kicked me over and over. He wanted a sound to show I was in pain but he would never get it. His last kick was to my chest I felt several ribs almost shatter. I groaned in pain. Fia screamed and ran over to me. 

"Zayn...." Was all I heard before I blacked out. 


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