Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


12. Daylight

Zayn's POV

I got up and got dressed. The boys and I were not going for a run today after what happened yesterday. I stepped out of the bathroom to see Layla wearing leggings and my fuck you t shirt. He hair was in a messy bun. She had a pair of my red supras on. I pulled was wearing a pair of true religion jeans and my blue snap back  I went to the closet and pullet on a loose grey muscle shirt. I slipped on my lactose runners and we headed out. 

We reached the bottom of the stairs to see the boys and Shaphire talking. She was laughing until she saw us. The boys came up to us. 

"GOOODDDD ZAYYYNNNN right there baby." Harry mocked

"RIDDDEE ME Babe I needdd to feel you on my cock" Liam said.


"OHHH Babe you taste soo good! Your pussy is so wet for me!" Louis laughed. I shot them all dagger looks. It made them laugh even harder. Layla was beet red. I put my arm over her shoulder and kissed her cheek. " It's okay babe they are just jealous." She laughed. The boys were telling me about how freaked out they were.

"I've only seen him like that once." Liam said.

"Right I remember about 4 years ago when we found him." Niall agreed.

"Yah but then he turned into the Imma cut you Zayn." Harry said in a weird voice.

" But alas that came to an end and the lovely Layla decided to cross into our territory. And bad boy zayn turned into a soft ol' marshmallow." Lou teased. I just laughed. "So Shaphire how come you are here? Do you know anyone who is staying here?" 

"I-I-I" She stuttered. 

"She knows me." I said coldly. Louis looked at me wanting more information. "She is my sister." I spat. Only Layla, Harry, and Niall knew.

"Ok..... How did you get the bruise on your face?" Liam asked. 

"I gave it to her." I said with no emotion. Liam looked at me shocked. 

"Za-" Liam started but she cut him off.

"I deserved it." She said. Liam knew what happened the night he found me, so he dropped the subject. We heard the breakfast bell ring and we all entered the hall. Greta came up and asked for our drinks. She stopped at me.

"Good to see you back in proper shape master Zayn." She said.

"Good to be better. Greta I do not remember much of last nights events but I do know that you played a major part in my recovery, and for that I am most grateful." I said. She smiled at me and continued with her work. 

"Zayn...." I heard Shaphire call me.

"What." I spat. 

" You are so different. The same kind Zayn that I remember but on the outside you have grown into a strong man. If mother were here she would be proud." She said to me.

"Mother is here and she is anything but proud." I said coldly. 

"What do you mean? I thought she burned in Salem?" She asked.

"Well I committed a crime in which the vampires had believed to be their most sacred. It was punishable by death. A death in which the male would be burned alive at the stake and the female would be forced to watch her mate burn and hear his anguished cries. She confronted me and told me that she was our mother. I couldn't believe it and I didn't want to. She struck me. I told her that my mother burned at the stake in Salem. She hit me again then turned me in. She said to the guard ' prepare the wood so he may parish like his mother at the stake'. " I said. I took a deep breath remembering sitting in the cell wondering what will be the last time I would see Layla. I felt her hand latch onto mine. 

"Zayn can I see her?" She asked me.

"No. She is to spend the rest of her days in solitude after she brought Jack in here. I gave her a chance and yet she still tried to hurt me. Just take this conversation into consideration if you are planning to kill me in my sleep." I said coldly. I turned my attention to Layla.

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