Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


8. Coven

We drove for another hour. We passed through a steel gate. It closed behind us. When Ren parked the car he told me to get out. I did and pulled Layla into my arms. I started to follow Ren when I felt my knees give way. I fell onto them still holding Layla trying to protect her. I soon felt something around my throat. I gasped and it tightened cutting off my air. I let Layla go and grasped at the thing around my throat. "Layla." I choked out. I saw Ren turn around and run to me.

"Release him NOW!" He ordered. I suddenly felt air flow back into my lungs. Ren helped me to my feet. I tried to stand but the sudden motion knocked me out.


Layla's POV

I woke up in a warm bed. I stretched my arms out and his something no, someone. I looked over to see Zayn sleeping next to me. I looked at him. I noticed the dark purple bruise surrounding his neck. I traced it with my hand. His eyes shot open and he grabbed my wrist. " Babe please don't touch it." He whispered. " What happened?" I asked he just pushed the question away and he got out of the bed. When he was walking towards the bathroom I saw two circular burns in the back of his knees. 

"ZAYN!" I called after him. He stopped. I got out of bed and walked towards him. He met me in the middle of the room. He grabbed me by the waist and pressed his lips on mine. I ran my fingers through his hair and he moved me to the bed. He was on top of me. Our hands roaming each others bodies. Everything felt right with him. After a few minutes all of our clothes were off. And I'm sure you can guess what happened next.


I felt Zayn's breath on my neck. He wrapped his arm around my waist. I looked at the bedside table. There was a note on it. 

Dinner at 9 

Your clothes are in the closet dress fancy

~ Ren

I looked at the clock it was 7. I jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. I washed up then Zayn had his. I looked into the closet and saw a several dresses and a suit. I picked the dark red dress. I straightened my long black hair and pulled it to the side. I looked in the bathroom and saw some makeup. I put on some eyeliner and mascara. I swept on some grey eye shadow  My blue eyes seemed to stand out. My dress hugged my chest and it flowed down to the floor. I put on a pair of black flats. Zayn stepped out into full view. His hair was put into a perfect quiff. The suit fit him perfectly.

" You look amazingly gorgeous." He said. I felt myself blush.

"You clean up good Mr. Malik." We laughed he took my hand and we left the room. A man was walking towards us. 

"Ah good Miss. Cartel and Mr. Malik I see you are ready come this way." He said. We followed him down the stairs to a gigantic ballroom. Ren came up to us. He lead us down to the front table. Everyone gasped at our presence. 

" When we said we were having guests for dinner and that they were going to be placed at the front table they expected royalty." Ren explained.

Z- Yah the certainly didn't expect me.

L- Well at least you have clothes on.

Zayn laughed. We sat at the front. There were two other seats to be filled. "Who else are we waiting for?" I asked. "My mother and brother." Ren replied. Then I looked down to the area we entered and I saw the same woman that saved me and Zayn from Eliot  Following her was the devil himself. Zayn stood up. Anger was written across his face. Eliot saw him. Eliot now was filled with anger. Zayn stepped into the aisle. Eliot moved right in front of him. 

"Nice to see you brought my toy." Eliot spat. Zayn said nothing before punching Eliot. Eliot stumbled backwards. He moved to me. Zayn turned around, he went pale. Eliot laughed. "What did you loose your tongue " Eliot asked. I turned around and pinned Eliot to the wall by his throat with speed I have never used before. Eliot laughed. Violet calmed the room down and asked to speak to me in private.

I stepped out of the room. Violet shut the door. "Did you have sex?" She asked. I gasped. "Blunt much?" I asked with sass. "Yes. But did you choose to have sex? Or was it forced? Who did you have sex with?" She fired off the questions. "I chose to have sex. And I had it with Zayn. Why?" I asked. Violet shook her head. " Dear child. You just broke the most sacred vampire law. Ren my son is your father. It is the rule of the uncle to take the virginity of the young girl. I am afraid if vampire royalty find out about this... I don't even know what the punishment is." She looked at me full of concern. I felt suddenly light headed. 

L-Zayn... Help.

He suddenly burst into the room catching me as I fell. Violet knelt down next to us. She put a hand on my shoulder and everything went black.

Zayn's POV

"What did you do?" I yelled. Violet looked at me with tears in her eyes.

" I didn't do anything. I put her to sleep, she was in pain. Zayn you need to call your pack here." She said. Ren soon came into the room followed by Eliot. Ren took Layla from me and left. Eliot and Violet we with me in the room. I was crying my eyes out. Violet tried to calm me down and Eliot looked at me with discust. " I will check on her for you." Violet said before leaving.

"You violated my niece." Eliot said.

"NEVER!" I screamed.

"You had sex with her. You disgusting creature." He spat before connecting his fist to my jaw. "You have no idea what you just did. She is part vampire! You have realized that she has to follow our traditions and LAWS!" He screamed. He again hit me. I still didn't know what he meant. He started to kick me. Blood was all over the floor around me. Eliot continued to scream at me. He continued to hit me. I tried to fight back but he was too fast. 

"Father?" I looked up to see a teenage boy with dark eyes and dark hair.

"James what do you want?" Eliot spat.

"Grandmother wants you. Is this the wolf you were after the other night?" James asked.

"How would you know?" Eliot asked.

"Grandmother said I could go on your nightly hunt with you. You had already left so I followed. I watched." James admitted. Eliot gave him a look the stormed out. I lent myself against the wall. "My cousin is beautiful isn't she." James said. He was helping me into the kitchen. My bleeding had stopped and I was now washing my face off. 

"Yes. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." I told him. He reached into the cupboard and pulled out jeans and a tshirt. 

"These should fit. We are about the same size. Whats your name?" He asked.

"Zayn." I answered. "Your the one that father has been talking about." James said. I laughed "What does he say?"

"He says that and these are his words not mine I do not agree with them. He says that you are a weak mutt. He says that you worthless and he didn't under stand why Uncle and Grandmother want to help you and keep you safe and alive. He personally wants to be the one to tear you apart." James said. I just laughed. "Whats so funny he could do it." I laughed some more.

"James I'm  human right now. But when I'm  a wolf it doesn't take much to rip your kind limb from limb. I almost did it to Eliot. When Layla first met him... well lets just say when I get the chance I will kill your father." I said coldly. 

"Good. The tradition is the stupidest thing I have heard of. Like they made it into a law." James said.

"What law?" I asked. "the law where the uncle of a female vampire is to take the virginity of the girl. I heard that punishment for not obeying the law is for the man who took the girls virginity to be burned alive. And since it is mostly done when two people love each other the female is forced to watch and listen to the anguished cries of their mate." James said. I went white. He looked at me in confusion.  I ran out into the courtyard James followed.

"Zayn? Whats wrong?" James asked. 

"Stay back!"I yelled. James stepped back. I shifted and ran. James still followed. I reached the gates. I attacked them but they wouldn't budge. I let out a howl probably in vain but still a howl. I broke down. I shifted   back. James ordered a guard to get clothes.

"What did you do?" He asked. I cried more. He got the clothes then ordered the guard to get something else but I didn't hear. 5 minutes had passed and I didn't move I was still crying. Sobs were shaking me. I soon felt a soft hand start to rub circles on my back. I looked up and saw a woman. He had long black hair that was tied up. She was wearing shorts and a hoodie. She looked oddly familiar but I ignored that. 

"Get dressed." The woman said. I was about to when in the distance I sat a grey wolf running along side a copper one. I looked to the flanks and saw a golden coat and a brown one. I shifted and howled. I heard them barking in the distance. 

"OPEN THE GATES WE HAVE GUESTS!" James yelled. The gates rose. I ran out and tackled Liam. The rest of the boys tackled me. We ran back into the yard and were greeted by more clothes. We all shifted back and put on pants. "Zayn what did you do?" Everyone asked. 

"I had sex with her." I said looking down.

"Nice!" Liam said.

"Yah its about time you got in that." Niall said

"Damn you finally tapped that?" Louis and Harry said at the same time.

"YOU DID WHAT?" James screamed. I nodded. He let out a deep sigh. James explained everything to the boys. They all hugged me which made me cry even harder. 

"Zayn I need to speak to you." The woman said. I nodded and left James and the boys to talk. " Zayn do you know who I am?" 

"No." I said she looked hurt.

"I am your mother. And I am a vampire. Zayn I am vampire royalty. I will protect you and her." The woman said.

"No. NO. You can't be my mother! I can't be a mutt! I'm supposed to be better than father! NO!" I screamed. She slapped me. I felt my hand go to my cheek which was now swollen. I tensed up. I looked at her coldly. "You will never be my mother. As far as I know my mother died centuries ago in Salem." I spat. She slapped me again. I knew I would have a bruise.

"GUARD!" She screamed. A guard came running up. "Take this animal to the cell. He has committed the most grievous of crimes. Prepare the wood. He will parish like his mother at the stake." She spat I felt metal shackles being slapped on my wrists, ankles, and next. The guard pushed me towards the direction of the boys. "Stop." Liam yelled. The guard kept moving. James held Liam back.

"Stop it Liam give up I lost okay. Just take care of Layla. Thats an 'order" I said with tears in my eyes. Liam stopped fighting. I was pushed into  a dark hallway and into a cell. I sat down and put my head in my hands.

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