Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


10. Brother.

Zayn's POV

It has been about 2 months since I almost died. Every night I wake up in a sweat, terrified that Layla was taken up on that offer, that I was forced to listen to her screams, force to watch her skin burn. And every night she would hold me till I fell asleep. I loved her so much. 

Li- Hey bro you awake. I'm under your window. Throw something if you are. 

I threw a piece of clothing out the window not looking at it first.

Li- Really? You sick fuck.

I shot out of bed and looked out. I saw Liam frantically trying to get Layla's bra off his head. "SORRY!" I yelled while laughing. I climbed up on the window still. "Where do you think you are going mister?" I turned around to see Violet standing in the bedroom door. Thank god I had boxers. "For a run with the boys." I replied with a sly grin on my face. " Okay be safe breakfast is in 2 hours and I want you and Layla so meet someone. Don't be late there will be clothes at the back entrance." She smiled. "Thanks gran." I don't know why I call her Gran but she doesn't mind. I jumped out of the window and landed on all fours. well on Harry's. We both groaned everyone else laughed.We had gained many other members to the back but at least 4 times a week the original 5 would go for a run. It would be like old times. 

H-So Zayn do you guys shag every night?

N-Yah well almost. 

Z-Shut up Niall

Li- I sleep in the room across the hall. 

Lo- OMG that's so funny

N- Yah Layla right there right there

Li- Your mouth is so fucking perfect.

Z- Shut up. You all are a bunch of pricks. 

H- We should bring this conversation up in front of Ed.

Z- Are you fucking insane he would kill me, he almost did it once remember.

Lo- Ya but then he said he wanted grand kids.

Z- Yah imagine little Layla's running around.

N- That would be so cute but Little Zayn's damn the whole coven would be up in flames.

Li- Yah so true. 

H- you guys are idiots. 

Z- Allz ya'll bitches are just jealous that I have a girl. 

H- Maybe I do.

Li- Yah your hand. 

H- Asshole.

Z- Guys stop now Layla can hear us now.

L- Are you guys keeping secrets?

H- Well we were just saying how y-

Z-Harry shut up.

L-Zayn I'm curious. Do you want to get some tonight or not.

Li- OHHH she pulled the sex card.

H- We were saying on how you and Zayn need to be quieter at night.

L- Harold. Maybe you all should invest in some ear plugs.

Lo- Sassy. 

L- Hurry up!

Z- We are just about to shift. 

We all got dressed. I hit Harry he hit me back. And before long we were wrestling each other. I pinned him to the ground. I got up and ran towards the dining room. It was smaller than the dining hall but it was still big. I looked back to see Harry chasing after me. His grin was plastered all over his face. He jumped me. We both fell through the doors. Thank god they were swinging doors because if not they were coming off the hinges. We were rolling on the ground until Liam yelled at us. "Morons get up." Harry and I looked at each other. "Truce!" We said in sync. I got up and brushed my self off. I walked up to the front. The boys close behind. 

"Boys." Violet greeted them with warm smiles. She handed them all big plates full of food. "Thanks Gran!" They all said. We laughed. Edward was giving us the stink eye. I walked behind Layla and kissed her cheek. 

"How was your run?" She asked.

"Much needed. Thanks for asking Hun  I'm sorry about the boys." I whispered the last part. Ed looked up. "What did the boys do?" He asked. 

"It's not what we did. It is about what they did and our commentary " Niall said with a mouthful of food. Ed gave him a questionable look. But I know he knew what Niall was talking about.

"Layla Zayn please try to keep it down. At those hours many are trying to sleep." Ed said. Layla and I both turned red with embarrassment  Niall started to laugh so hard he choked on his food. Harry and Louis were on the floor laughing their asses off. Liam was trying to keep the laughing under control but soon joined Harry and Louis. Violet gave Ed a slap on the back of his head.

"Thanks Gran." I said. She pinched my cheeks then scolded the boys for being on the floor. We all ate. Violet and Layla were deep in conversation. When the door opened. I looked ahead. My mother walked in. "What do you want?" I spat getting angry by the sight of her. I felt Layla's hand on my arm instantly calming me.

" I want to talk." She said. "Then talk." I said coldly.

"In private. With just you my son." She said. 

" If it is something that cannot be heard by everyone then I is something that I do not wish to hear." I spat. She sighed realizing that she was not going to win.

" I have word of your brother." She said. 

"What of him. You know I do not wish to deal with any members of fathers pack." I said. She looked at me and smiled. I ordered her to go but she stayed. " I will call the guards if you do not leave." Then the person that I hated the most right after my father walked in. 

"Why don't you want to see your brother? I came to see you?" My brother was standing at the other end of the room. Before anyone could stop us we both had shifted and attacked each other  Violet had called the guards to take my mother to a cell. My brother quickly pinned me. He fixed his eyes on Layla.

J-Have yourself a pretty one there brother. I would love to have my way with her.

Z- Jack fuck off. I will rip you apart.

J- Please Zayn I've always been better than you. 

He was distracted so I took my chance to attack. I caught him by the neck. He struggled but each time I would bite harder. He soon submitted and shifted back. I did too. Ed tossed me a pair of sweats. I kicked Jack in the side. He held back a cry. I grabbed him by the throat. "If you ever think, touch, talk to, talk about, or go near Layla I will kill you." I spat. I kicked him again. 

"Layla mercy. My queen." He begged. She stood up and looked at him with disgust.

"This is mercy. Be thankful Zayn is letting you leave with your life." She spat. I stepped away from him. He ran out of the room. Layla ran to me. "Zayn your hurt." She said while touching my back. Her fingers outlining the spot where Jack had bit me. Violet came running over with some vodka. She said it was the closest thing she had to rubbing alcohol. They cleared a table and laid me on it.  Liam came and stood in front of me. " This is going to hurt like a bitch." He said. I was confused until I felt the sting of the vodka being poured on my back. I screamed. Violet warned me that that was only the first cut. Great 3 more to go. Layla took Liam's place. She put her lips against mine. I felt the burn on my back but it didn't hurt as much. Violet said I was done but Layla never stopped kissing me. She turned me over and stratled me on the table. Our tongues always worked in sync. 

"Stop sucking each others faces off god filthy animals." Harry said. We pulled apart. She got off of me and we went up to the roof. We sat watching the clouds pass us by our fingers intertwined. " I love you." I whispered. "I love you too. What did your brother say?" She asked. "He said he wanted to have his way with you. I should have killed him right then and there." I said. She wrapped her arm around my waist. I put mine over her shoulder. I got up and shifted. I walked back over to her. "What are you doing?" She giggled. I wrapped myself around her. 

Z-Like old time Lay.

She giggled and snuggled up to me. She soon fell asleep. I watched out into the woods. 

"Sir." I looked over to see a gaurd.

"Yes....?" I asked. Rarely guards came straight to me. I shifted and looked up at him.

"Well there are some members of a western pack. About five of them, they with to speak with you and the queen along with two others, Sir Harry and Master Niall. Would you like me to send them away?" He asked.

"No but assemble part of the royal guard and set out my gun and hers in our chamber we will be down. Aswell  see to it that Violet and Edward are in their room with guards in the front. And warn Master Louis and Liam." I asked he nodded.

" Sir?" The guard stopped.

" Yes?" I said.

" Thank you. You and your girlfriend have been excellent rulers. I am glad that Edward chose you two." He smiled. I smiled back.

" Thank you that means a lot." I said. He walked back into the house. I woke up Layla and told her everything.

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