Zayn finds a young wolf without a pack. Soon named Layla they have to fight to survive. Will Zayn be able to protect Layla and soon their daughter or will he die trying?


19. Been there before.

Liams POV

"LIAM!" I heard Layla scream. I opened up the door to a frantic Layla. She was crying. 

"Layla calm down." I told her. She stopped crying and started to breath. 

"Liam... Today with the hunters Fia killed one. But it wasn't a hesitant kill she tore the guy apart on her own. She has just shut herself out from everyone. She screamed at Zayn and slapped him. She told him that she hated him. She stormed off and I called after her she just flipped me off. Liam I don't know how to handle this. I tried to get Harry to talk to her but she just screamed that he was just like Zayn. Louis tried to talk to her but she told him to screw himself."She said. I was shocked. 

"Layla I will try to talk to her. But remember she isn't a little girl anymore. Just stay here." I told her and ran off the music room. I found no sign of Fia. I was walking past Zayn's room when I heard crying. I open the door slightly and realized that it was Fia. I stepped into the room and walked over to the chair. I sat down and stared at her intently. She returned my gaze but hers was cold. 

"What do you want?" She spat.

" I want to know the reason your being a bitch." I told her. She laughed at my comment.

"well you might as well leave now because I won't tell you." She said.

" Fia grow up and stop acting like Zayn." I said coldly.

"Whatever. I don't act like him. He is mister perfect everybody fucking loves him. He is a cocky asshole, he is violent, cruel and mean. But nobody fucking knows because all they see is the boy who loves his girlfriend so much that he would die for her. It's really cliche like didn't Shakespeare already write that play?" Her voice was monotone. 

"He is not. Well at times but everyone is. Fia your are acting just like him. When he was 16. After he had healed some a hunter came and she found Zayn and I. I shifted and she shot me. Zayn threw her to the ground. He grabbed the gun before she could do further damage and without blinking he shot her. Fia without blinking you tore Jason apart." I told her. Her expression was cold and emotionless, but her body language showed that she was slowly opening up. 

"So we both have killed someone who gives two shits Liam?" She said.

"Okay but your reactions. He stopped talking to everyone. When we would try to talk to him he would flip us off, tell us to screw ourselfs or he would walk away. You walked away from Zayn, you flipped of Layla, and told Lou to screw himself. Fia he never meant to hurt you. God knows where he is or what he is doing right now. When you hit him that killed him. When you said that you hated him that destroyed him. Fia you have no idea what you have done to him. You pushed Harry away, and he fucking IMPRINTED on you. You refuse to talk to Louis and he has been your best friend forever. Fia don't give me the bullshit that you aren't like Zayn, because you are. You are exactly like him. You turn sorrow into anger which you keep bottled in and refuse to let it out until  it becomes to much to handle." I said. I watched as her cold emotionless face broke into sadness and sorrow. She started to cry. I walked over to her.

"I'm a horrible person. I slapped him and told him that he wasn't my father that he would never be. I told him that I hated him. Liam I'm so sorry. I hate myself right now." She cried I hugged her.

" Don't say that everyone deals with pain in there own ways. Yours just happens to be like Zayns. But luckily I've been down that road before." I told her. She nodded then asked me to leave. I nodded and left.

Fia's POV

I couldn't breathe. I killed a man today, told Zayn that I hated him, flipped off Layla, pushed away Harry, and told Louis to screw himself. I was shattered. If this was life then I don't want it. I got up off the bed and walked to the bathroom. I reached into the bottom drawer of the bathroom counter. I grabbed Zayn's shaving kit. I opened it up. I pulled out his straight razor.

I flipped it open. I looked at it. I pressed it to my wrist and slid it across. I breath hitched as I made the first cut. I made another. Soon I had done 4 cuts. I dug it in once more and pulled it across my fore arm. It cut deep. I switched wrists and continued. Blood flowed down my fore arms. It gathered on the tips of my fingers. I dropped the razor. It fell to the ground with the first drop of blood. I fell to the floor knocking down a bowl. I heard the bedroom door open.

"Layla?" A voice called out. I hoped they would go away but I soon realized I was in Zayn and Layla's room. The voice was Zayn's. I reached for the razor and brought it up to my wrists again. I needed to hurry up the process. I dug more deep cuts into my arms. The pain made me cry. I was about to make my last cut when the bathroom door burst open. My vision was blurry from the tears. I saw a figure standing in the doorway.

"FIA! NO!" Zayn screamed. He grabbed the razor out of my hand and threw it across the room. He grabed towels and wrapped them around my wrists. He picked me up and put me on the bed. He grabbed my wrists and squeezed them to apply presure to stop the bleeding. I cried for him to stop.

"GO AWAY LET ME DIE!" I cried. He shot me a glare.

"Never." He said. The bleeding stopped and he found gauze and medical tape in the closet and bandaged my cuts. I was still sobbing he pulled me into one of his jumpers and pulled me into his arms. 

"Why do you care? I am horrible." I asked.

"Because I love you Fia. No matter what you say or do is going to change that. Even if you aren't my daughter you will always be my little girl." He said. I cried harder. He rocked me back and forth. I slowly fell asleep.

I woke up in the morning. The light seeped through the blinds and hit my eyes. I groaned and pulled the covers over my head. I heard a deep chuckle and I sat up and saw Zayn slowly getting off of the couch. 

"Where is Layla?" I asked.

"She slept in Liam's room with Shaphire and Li slept in Niall's room and I don't know about Harry and Louis." He said slowly standing up. He slipped on a shirt and pulled out the first aid again. He gently took my bloody bandages off. " You cut really deep. These will be there for a few days." He said soflty while carefully wraping them back up. He pulled out another jumper and handed it to me. 

"Please don't tell..." I said while looking down. He gave me a warm smile.

"I won't. Fia I will be right out side. Change and come out then we will go to breakfast. You have 5 minutes." He said. I knew that if I wasn't out in that time he would think that I would try again. I walked into the bathroom to see the drawers completly empty the shower curtain and rack gone, the plug in the bottom of the tub missing as well, the outlets we covered and the thrash can had no bag. I chuckled and noticed he left me toothpaste, toothbrush, hair brush and a hair band. I finished up and met him out side of my door. I hugged him. He at first was in shock then he hugged me back."I'm sorry dad." I whispered. 

"Sorry about what? Having feelings?" He asked. I laughed as we headed for the dining area.

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