My Romeo ~Harry Styles~

Cameron and Harry love eachother, But have to keep it secret. Why? Beacause if Cameron's mum finds out, there will be cosenquences. She's the type of girl, that is the most nicest girl you'll ever meet. I f her mum finds out, Harry is banned from seeing Cameron. He brakes apart, "No more Cam.." He muffled.
She beggs her mum, but her mum gives her a staff glare, handing her a bag. "You have an hour, if you aren't out by then, I'm calling the cops." Her mum threatens. Cameron nodds in approval, or else she will get pain by her mum. Cameron runs outside with her bags packed, seeing Harry at the curb. She runs towards him. "She kicked me out." She said, hoarsly. He smiles at her weakly, "Live with me. The lads will love you!" He exclaimed, taking her hand in his. Do they carry on a normal life? Or suffer? Cameron Lynn Harper


1. One

I walked along the rusty, old highschool. I have to admit, even though I get trashed, or bullied in my perspective, this school is better then my flat. My mum always screeching, "Clean the house! You worthless little hobknocker!" The words played through my head, like a ipod on replay. I clenched my old, wrinkled t-shirt in my palm. I threw on a pair of red briefles, along with a tinted blue shirt. I walked into the gynasium, hearing the sweet sound of music. I smiled, waving at my best-friend. She rushed over to me, wee both locked our hands together, doing the handshake from when we were 5 years old. I smiled weakly, "Ello." She walked along the cones, side by me. "Hey, so are you coming to that one party after school?" I humph'd, "Why would I go to Andrew's party?" "Bacause, he's my boyfriend." She replied, hoarsly. I rolled my eyes, pushing a piece of loose hair behind my ear. I looked at her for a moment, "Only if Harry can come." "Ugh! Fine he can come, what do you see in him?" She said, Scrunching up her nose like a pig. I playfully hit her, "Nothing. We're just friends.". She stopped, to take a couple breaths. I kept running along until she caught up to me. We soon finished class and he rest of the school day. I grabbed my backpack, throwing it onto my shoulder. I skid across the schools tile floor. I trambled through the crowd, finding my way outside. I looked up to see Harry waiting by his car. His head was dangling down, and he was playing with his fingers. I smiled, running towards him, "Harry!" I exclaimed, causing him to jump. I giggled, hugging him lightly. I ran my hand threw his curly locks. "Ready to go?" He asked, opening the car door for me. I got in as he took off his disguise. I grinned widely, "Oh, yes I am!" There was a long awkward silence as we drove. He looked into my eyes for a second, and went back to driving. I intertwined our finges, glancing at a blushing Harry. "Harry, I was wondering if you could come to a party with me tonight?" "Yeah sure. Are you sure your mom would let you?" He replied, setting his hand on my thigh. I bit my lip, intertwining our fingers once again. He looked at me, waiting for an answer. "I'll tell her I am going to Gabby's. He smiled, pecking my cheek. "Perfect." I now looked like a firetruck, blushing like a mad man. "Because, I don't want to feel left out at all." He kept driving, our hands still intertwined. "Call your mum." I nodded, pulling out my phone and dialing her number... AUTHORS NOTE: okay this is my FIRST story on here. But tell me in the comments if you think it was good or bad? Should I continue? Thanks loves. ~ SwaggHoran $€£¥¢₩§¿¡\«»®©°|~}{>< o_O
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