One Direction Imagines (One Shots)

Hey Guy's So This Is Not Really A "Fan Fiction", But This Book Will Include Preferences and It Will Also Include Personal Imagines. I Will Be Explaining What You Need In Order For Me To Write You A Imagine In The First Chapter.

*Another Thing Is That I Will NOT Be Writing Mature Imagines


2. Ivy/Louis @Mstomlinson17

Louis had just gone on  tour I've been really depressed ever since. I've not only been depressed because of him leaving,but from all the hate I was getting. Saying that I was'nt good enough for him. But I guess I have to cheer myself up,Umm What should i do?, Perhaps I can go to Starbucks, Starbucks always makes me happy. So I got up dressed myself and drove to Starbucks . As I got off my car a "fan" came running towards me and threw a magazine at me as she did that she said,"We told you were'nt good enough for Louis" after that she ran towards the other direction. I decided to look at the magazine she had thrown at me. And there it was Louis kissing another girl,I was so devastated, how could he of done that to me. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialled Louis number, he picked up right away.

"Ivy I can explain" Louis said

"Louis you cheated on me there is nothing to explain"

"Yes there is, that girl she forced me to kiss her"

"She forced you really?"

"Yes, why don't you believe me"

"Because I was never good enough for you and I was expecting you to do some thing like this sooner or later"

After that you hung up. You drove back  to your house. Now that anger that you were feeling had become into sadness. Over and Over You kept on thinking "Why did he do this to me?".You were too weak to do anything but cry. You slowly fell asleep.

It was about 4:00 in the morning when you heard a knock on the door. You slowly got up thinking if it was worth it to answer the door. You opened the door and there was Louis standing there with a bouquet of roses. he just stood there watching you. You decided to break the silence by yelling "Go away" you tried to close the door but he was to fast for you and quickly came inside your house.

"Louis please go away"

"Ivy please"


"Ivy understand that I would never do something like that to you"


"No she was a fan and she forced me to kiss her"

After this louis smashes his lips against yours and says I love you




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