One Direction Imagines (One Shots)

Hey Guy's So This Is Not Really A "Fan Fiction", But This Book Will Include Preferences and It Will Also Include Personal Imagines. I Will Be Explaining What You Need In Order For Me To Write You A Imagine In The First Chapter.

*Another Thing Is That I Will NOT Be Writing Mature Imagines


1. Authors Note

So Hey Guys I Just Wanted To Tell You Guys What Information You have To Give Me In Order For Me to Write You A PERSONAl Imagine:

1. Your Name

2. What Guy In One Direction You Want It To Be

3. Very Short, Short, Medium Lengthed, Long

4. Romantic, Sweet, Happy or Sad

5. Hair Color, Eye Color, Special Features You Want Me To Add

6. Details You Want Me To Add, What You Want It To Be About

Sorry That You Have To Give Me All This Information, It's All I Need To Make A Great Personal Imagine ;)

Also You Guys May Also Suggest Preferences For Example A Day At the Beach, And I Will Write A Very Short Imagine For All The Boys About The Suggestions

Other Special Notes About My Imagines:

*THERE WILL BE NO MATURE IMAGINES!(Im Sorry Im Just Not Ready As An Author To Write Those)

*I Will Not Be Able To Upload Everyday Due To School Work And Other Events In My Life

*I Probably Will Be Able To Upload Tuesdays, Fridays, & Saturday, But Not Always

*Tomorrow 3/18/13 I Will Probably Be Able To Post Examples Of My Work, Thank You & Bye ;)

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