Forgotten Love (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Sarah was 19 and was moving out. She is moving to london. She doesnt know a big surprise will await there. One Direction is there, and they live next door. Louis falls in Love with Sarah and so did she. What happens when she loses memory in a car crash. Will she remember or will this love become a Forgotten Love?


28. When i was your man

Sarah's POV:

I started walking out of the rom. I checked out with the nurse, then I walked out and I noticed it was raining. I think it was my imagination because I saw m kissing a guy. It was Louis, then the memory came to me.

---I punched a girl called Eleanor. Then I was in the hospital, she yelled at Louis, he walked over to me.

''Fuck off'' I yelled

I ran outside. A little while later Louis came out, we talked a little an he kissed me. We got into a taxi and left. We soon arrived at a house. I suppose it was mine, He left and I was watching TV he later came back with his belongings---

I snapped out of the memory and saw Louis in a car I got in and we drove off ''Louis... Was it here outside, of the hospital the day we started dating?'' I asked

''How do you know?'' He asked

''I had that memory come back, but not everything, I remember a so called Eleanor though'' I said

''Eleanor... You remembered my... Ex'' He said

''Oh'' I said ''Why did I punch her''

''She saw us two kissing'' He said

''Oh, Did I kiss you, or did you kiss me?'' I asked

''You kissed me, but I said it was me'' He said

''Oh, ... Were are we going?'' I said

''How about Starbucks? We never got there because of the car crash'' He said

''Sure lets go'' I said wit a smile

''Ok'' Louis replied

He turned on the radio 'When I was your man' Came on by Bruno Mars. I saw a tea go down his cheek as he mumbled ''When I as your man''. I felt bad, if only I could remember him and our love.

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