Forgotten Love (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Sarah was 19 and was moving out. She is moving to london. She doesnt know a big surprise will await there. One Direction is there, and they live next door. Louis falls in Love with Sarah and so did she. What happens when she loses memory in a car crash. Will she remember or will this love become a Forgotten Love?


19. Our honeymoon

Sarah's POV:

We got off the plane, And stepped out. We were on a little island with a house. We say as the plane flew up and gone. Louis looked at me with a smirk and picked me up. He carried me inside.He leaned in and kissed me, not separating as he carried me into the room. He layed me down on the bed and started pulling my wedding dress off. I unbuttoned his shirt, and started unbuckling his pants. We were both in our underwear. At first I thought we were going to have sex, but I was wrong. He picked me up and started running towards the water, then he jumped. I felt as the water touched my body, I giggled. He almost let me go but didn't. I felt my toes touch the sand. We had this island all for ourself. I jumped up and put my legs around him. I kissed him, I could see the moon through the corner of my eyes. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, a moment I loved, Because it was a moment with him. We separated.

''Why are you so beautiful Sarah? Why can't I live without having you, I gotta have you. I knew that when I first saw you, I knew we were meant to be... And I knew that I loved you'' He said

''Louis, I feel the same way, I had to have you and I need to have you, I cant live without you, I love you'' I said

He smiled ''I know Sarah, I could notice it in your eyes when that lady was checking me out, you were jealous, and I get jealous too'' He said with a laugh

''Well of course I got jealous, your mine'' I said

''Yes, I am yours, and your mine'' He said with a smile

I leaned my head closer to his, our noses were touching, He smiled, I smiled back, he mouthed those three little words. I mouthed them back, and let him kiss me. He picked me up bridal style, I half of my body was in water now. He held my back so, water wouldn't reach. As he separated, I thought about my secret that I've been hiding. He should know, It wasn't a big secret. It was something that would make him happy. I saw the huge smile on his face as he looked at me.

''Your eyes have such a cute sparkle'' He said

''Thank you, I like your eyes too, the color of your eyes make you even cuter'' I said

''But yours are cuter'' He said pouting his mouth

I giggled ''Ok mine are cuter'' I said

''Oh now your calling my eyes ugly?'' He said

''No, You said mine are prettier, so I agreed'' I said with a giggle

''Oh ok'' He said lifting up his eyebrow

We both bursted out laughing. We started swimming around for a while and then went inside, we dried ourselves, changed, and went to bed. We fell asleep in each others arm, feeling safe, his arm wrapped around me. It made me feel like no one could touch me and I would be safe, aslong as I was in his arms.



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