Forgotten Love (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Sarah was 19 and was moving out. She is moving to london. She doesnt know a big surprise will await there. One Direction is there, and they live next door. Louis falls in Love with Sarah and so did she. What happens when she loses memory in a car crash. Will she remember or will this love become a Forgotten Love?


30. Just jogging

Sarah's POV:

I awoke in abed with light blue bed sheets. I turned over, expecting Louis to be there. He wasn't, I felt my cheeks make a frown, was I actually sad? I  looked around for Louis. No where. I felt head fall, a memory came.

---I woke up and saw Louis' chest and smiled, i felt as he ran his hand through my hair. I sat up and got on top of him.

''Good morning beautiful'' he said and smiled

''Good morning Boo'' i said and pressed my lips against  his.

I felt that energy that i always feel when i kiss him. I thought of how much I loved him and if he loves me the same way. I separated from him and smiled.

''Wanna make bacon'' i said, he nodded

He got up and walked to my side of the bed. I got under the bed covers as he tried picking me up.

''No stop'' i said as we both laughed like crazy----


I came back to earth. I smiled and got up. I saw Louis in a room across from mine, Walked over to him, He awoke  and sat up. He smiled looking at me. I smiled back.

''Woke up before me. Eh?'' He said

''Yup'' I said

''How you know'' He said

''I remembered'' I said

''Ok....'' He mumbled

''Im going for  jog'' I said

I put on some shorts and grabbed my IPod and walked outside. I clicked shuffle, 'Moments' By One Direction came on. It was my favorite 1D song. I thought about how a year ago I used to kiss my Louis posters. I giggled. I clicked home, I funny picture of me and Louis at a park came on. Then it came to me.



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