Forgotten Love (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Sarah was 19 and was moving out. She is moving to london. She doesnt know a big surprise will await there. One Direction is there, and they live next door. Louis falls in Love with Sarah and so did she. What happens when she loses memory in a car crash. Will she remember or will this love become a Forgotten Love?


9. Fun :)

Sarah's POV:

''Bye hope i see you two soon'' I said to Perrie and Danielle

''Us too, bye girly'' Perrie said, Danielle waved at me

Me and Louis walked out of the door and went next door, I pushed the key in and walked in, Louis followed. I looked at him as he sat down on the couch and walked over to him. He smiled and pulled me on top of him.

''Have fun today?'' He said

I nodded ''I sure did, Mostly becuase i was with you'' I said

He pushed me over so he would be on top of me and started pulling my shirt off, then my bra. He got off me and pulled his shirt off and then pants, leaving him in boxers, Meanwhile I pulled my skirt off.

Louis' POV:

I got down by Sarah and pulled her panties off. I softly kissed her and picked her up, I took her to our room and pushed her against the wall, I felt as she pushed my boxers of with her legs. I smiled at her and pounded her against the wall. I heard her moans and her screams. I could tell she coudn't resist it anymore cause she was screaming a lot and her head was on my chest. I laughed and stoped.

''Did I just take your virginity?'' I said, she nodded ''Want me to stop?''

''No'' She said trying to catch her breath

I pulled her bare body closer to me and put her on the bed. I pushed her and she started moaning and screaming again. I smiled and she squeezed my hands. She scooted higher, still trying to catch her breath.

''Stop...'' She managed to say, I lifted my eyebrow.

I got on top of her and she pushed me to were she was on top of me. I felt her bare body close on mine. She layed her head on my chest.

''Goodnight....'' She said

I smiled ''Goodnight beautiful'' I said

I ran my hand through her hair and grabbed a blanket and threw it on top of her, I didn't want her to be cold. I put my arms around her and waited for her to fall asleep.


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