Forgotten Love (A Louis Tomlinson fanfic)

Sarah was 19 and was moving out. She is moving to london. She doesnt know a big surprise will await there. One Direction is there, and they live next door. Louis falls in Love with Sarah and so did she. What happens when she loses memory in a car crash. Will she remember or will this love become a Forgotten Love?


23. Back at home

Sarah's POV:

The helicopter finally landed, me and Louis got off holding hands. As soon as I got off, Flashes were all I saw. Oh crap, Paparazzi, The kept asking about me and Louis, our fight, the kiss between me and Harry was the most mentioned topic. I felt like exploding.

''Louis do you hate Harry?'' A lady said

''Of course he does'' said another one

''No, No I don't'' He said with anger, he was squeezing my hand too

''Sarah was the kiss good?'' The lady asked

''Shut up!'' Louis mumbled under his breath

''Aw Louis is getting Jealous?'' Said a man

''WHATS WRONG WITH YOU ASSHOLES'' I yelled, I think I shouldn't of said that but they wont shut up
I pulled on Louis' hand and walked off ''You ok?'' I asked kissing him on the cheek

''Yea, I just hate paparazzi, They always mess with me and the boys and always say things that get us mad, Thanks for yelling at them'' He said

''I know I probably shouldn't of done that, but I saw you getting mad, I don't like people messing with you'' I said with a smile

We got Into the car and Louis drove off. About 5 minutes later we arrived at home. Louis turned the key and we both walked in, I saw my Mom, Kay, The boys and their girlfriends.

''Mom!!'' I said giving her a hug ''I missed you so much, MOM MEET Louis. Louis meet my mom'' I said

''Nice to meet you Louis, your part of the family now'' She said giving him a hug

''Nice to meet you too'' Louis said ''Oh and don't worry about Sarah, she's in good hands''

''I know she is, but Sarah just incase you need me honey I Live two houses down from here, Ok?'' She said

I nodded ''Yes mom'' I said

''Well I must leave hun see you later'' she said

''Bye mum'' Louis said

My mom laughed ''Bye mom'' I said putting my arms around Louis

I saw the rest leaving except for Kay ''Hi Sarah'' She said

''Oh Kay I missed you so much'' I said giving her a hug

''Hey I got to go'' She said looking at Louis with a smile and running off

''What was that about?'' Asked Louis

''I don't know....'' I said

I was afraid. Afraid of Kay, I knew what she was thinking, I knew what it was about, I saw it and I knew I could not trust her, At least for now.




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